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Help Wanted Reminder: Position Open

Official announcements n'stuff.

Gabriele Maltinti

A quick reminder that we're looking for another member of the team, as was mentioned last week. The rules of the road were outlined but perhaps could be done better and in a posting all to itself. It is quite simple: a regular contributor, probably more focused on the newsy and match/transfer-related areas of the club, though certainly not limited to. As with the last time, we'll have a contest of sorts, but this time, no vote. Things will be decided behind closed doors. Or firewalls.


Deadline: Friday at midnight central European.

Rules: Maximum of 500 words on the outcome of the co-ownerships. Being informative and clever are good. Style is also good. Bring your just-got-off-a-four-week-long-coke-binge-but-I'm-still-coherent game. Photos of said binge occurring off the derriere of a Brazilian working woman while watching the Confederate Cup gets extra credit. Extra credit and free counseling for life if she turns out to be a he. You win CdT itself if it's actually Ronaldinho.

Email: chiesaditotti[at]gmail[dot]com

Also of note: Toss your SBN handle in there if you have one.

Also also: Bribes may or may not be accepted depending on their nature and/or value. Come on. We have integrity - and it has a price because we don't, really.