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Roma Rumor Mongering:Losing Lopez?

Stop. Rumor Time! Today's edition features the possible loss of Nico Lopez and the recruitment of Julio Cesar.

Paolo Bruno

Wednesday is almost over, so none of these should be considered "breaking rumors", but some of the existing rumors are starting to grow roots and branch off in different directions (yes, that was two tree analogies). So before we shift our focus to Italy vs Spain in the Confederations Cup semi-final, let's dive headfirst into the latest Roma rumors.

Atletico plot €18m Osvaldo swoop

Well, its not quite the €20m supposedly offered by Southampton, but it's damn close. Despite 27 league goals in his two seasons, PDO has worn out his welcome, and apparently Rudi Garcia won't even get the chance to have his patience tested

Benatia-Nico Lopez swap close
We'd pretty much already assumed the first party in this story was coming to Rome, while the second party was leaving. What we didn't know was that the two moves would be tied together. But the latest news indicates that, rather than Mehdi Benatia coming on a straight cash deal, Nico Lopez will be offered to Udinese as make weight....which is tough considering he only clocks in at 68 kilos dripping wet. Nico just never cracked the pecking order behind Osvaldo and Destro, but you get the feeling he'll be a useful player when all is said and done.

Barcelona step up Marquinhos bid
You knew this one wasn't going to die. Barcelona, along with several other clubs, have been mentioned in the same breath as Marquinhos at an alarming rate over the past few weeks. Now there are some hard facts and figures being mentioned. Barca are prepared to pony up €25m plus Alexis Sanchez. While Roma does not have a hard and fast release figure in his deal, chances are they'd want a sight more than that...a damn sight more.

Barcelona to meet Marquinhos’ agent next week
See, told you it won't die. The Spanish media reports that Barca reps will meet with Marquinhos' agent next week. But as much as the Italian media (read, Roman) says he ain't going, the Spanish media treats it as a mere formality.

The question we have to ask is, at which point do you consider this? What is the monetary figure that makes you say, the hell with 'Hos!

AS Roma & Cagliari to meet tomorrow for Nainggolan
This one keeps draggin on, but there appears to be some actual meeting and discussing going on, with the sticking point being which or how many of Roma's vaunted youth products will go the other way?

Market Rome, sprint for Julio Cesar is almost done
Julio Cesar seems to be a step away from leaving QPR for Roma....that has to be considered an upgrade, right?....right?

Proposed to Rome Russian Arshavin
Andrey Arshavin might be available for free, so there's that

Turin, meeting Taddei
Say it ain't so?

Market Rome, Sabatini tip Velazquez
If there's South Americans involved in the U-20 World Cup, you can be damn sure Walter is there. The apple of his eye this time being Uruguayan defender Emiliano Velzaquez.

Manchester City want Pjanic.
Pjanic time: Today's suitors, Manchester City