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Eastern Europe Is Walter Sabatini's New Playground

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Nothing exists in our photo database on this man, ergo...Poland.

Ian MacNicol

So apparently there is this new "thing" with Roma: relatively unexpected transfers from historically large domestic clubs in their own Eastern European countries are ushered through the gates of Trigoria for a medical before a deal has even seemed plausible or the stalkerazzi of Rome are alerted. Shame! First Tin Jedvaj of Dinamo, now Lukasc Skorupski of Gornik Zaberze in Poland and the Polish national team - also, predictably, in Poland. The deal is reportedly for 1-1.5m euros and one would assume peanuts on the salary end. What this means for the keeper slot we haven't a damn clue - he could be second, third or one-point-fiveth (word). It could mean an established vet of quality will be brought in on the cheap - see your former Napoli, and Inter/QPR keepers - while taking a flier on this kid. Who the hell knows, really. Only bad omen is that he's in the background of the best image RomaNews could find on the deal. Really? Looking forward to the day Walter finds someone so damn obscure our first look is presented via an Instagram of his placki ziemniaczane.

YouTubers aren't bad, but then Mauro looked like the Second Coming.