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Roma Edging Towards Eriksen?

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While our French readers gear up for their Bastille Day celebrations, Roma's own Frenchman, Rudi Garcia, got the first glimpse of his new squad. So while Garcia gradually unveils his plan of attack, expect the list of rumored players to narrow as Rudi decides who and what he needs to make his vision a reality--chief among them may be Christian Eriksen.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

While Roma spent much of this week raiding the Eastern Bloc, the weekend portends some seismic activity on the Roman rumor front, with the potential departures of Daniele De Rossi, Miralem Pjanic and Marquinhos picking up steam.

Perhaps there's an alternate universe somewhere in which Roma could bring in the likes of Christian Eriksen and Kevin Strootman in addition to those names listed above. But, alas, this is the bandwagon upon which we've jumped and the world we live let's take a gander at who will make room for Roma's newest imports.

Osvaldo Rejects Southampton....Again

No, you're not experiencing Deja Vu, Pablo Osvaldo has rejected Southampton's overtures once again--this time to the tune of €20m. He either really loves Roma, or he's just being intentionally obstinate. Either way, things must be awkward for Osvaldo around Trigoria.

Osvaldo's Agent to Meet with Zenit

Twenty million is twenty million, so if PDO wants to spend a winter in Russia, so be it.

De Rossi Edging Closer to Chelsea

This one's a day old at this point, but could you imagine De Rossi's price tag being less than half of a teenage centerback? With Jose's crew offering only €13m, will Roma take the simultaneous P.R. hit and financial foot to the groin?

I can't lie, even though credible cases can be made for his sale, if this one happens, it's gonna hurt.

Roma Capture Jedvaj

I dont know much about this kid, I certainly don't know how to pronounce his name (but the possible English mispronunciations are magnificent), but like most speculative teenage Sabatini signings, he comes laced with question marks and oozing with potential.

Maicon heading to Riscone di Brunico as New AS Roma Signing?

This one just won't go away. It really all depends on the cost and what sort of role he envisions for himself, but I suppose we could do worse.

Gotta Get Us Some Gervinho

Gervinho does two things well: diving and growing compensatory braids to cover up his bald spots--but is that worth €8m? Whether its Gervinho or Gilardino, the aim seems clear: get Destro some help.

De Sanctis to Don Roma's Gloves?

Despite yesterday's signing of Lukasc Skorupski, Roma are still in need of a starting keeper. We've heard of everyone from Gianluca Curci to Julio Cesar, now you can add Napoli's Morgan De Sancits to that list....yay?

Marquinhos 'Not Far' From PSG

Apparently PSG's bid of €25m was rejected, but with reports of the Parisians willing to go past the €30m mark, this move might become a reality. Although if the ancillary rumors are to be believed, Marquinhos is holding out for Barcelona.

Marquinhos' dissin PSG on the eve of Bastille Day?....For shame, Marquinhos, for shame.

But, for the romantics among us, we can take this as a bit of good news and an indication of his love for the city and club. Roma certainly can't lose by hanging onto him, he's a fantastic player after all, but is the financial windfall to great to resist?

PSV seek bank guarantees from AS Roma for Strootman transfer

Im sure this is a pretty standard practice, but the fact that PSV are seeking 'bank guarantees' before making this deal doesn't exactly boost one's confidence in Roma's financial wherewithal. Do you think the players cross their fingers when they cash their game checks? Do they pay their players in "Roma bucks", only redeemable at the club store?

Roma's Post-Pjanic Plan: Christian Eriksen

We've talked about this one for over a year now: Roma doesn't quite know how to use Pjanic, people want Pjanic, Eriksen wants Roma. The jigsaw is falling into place.

Report: Totti to be Offered New Deal?

It looks as though his claim last week that this new Roma shirt would be his last was all just a rouse. Nevermind the pursuit of Piola or the desire to play in the new stadium, Totti is still at the top of his game, so the reasons to keep him around are practical as well as emotional.

So that's it for Saturdays smattering of Roman rumors--Strootman seems all but a formality, Gervinho a disappointing Plan B and Eriksen an enticing replacement for an already talented player.