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Walter Sabatini's Night Moves: Maicon Lands

You sexy beast, you.

Claudio Villa

Remember that whole business about Franco Baldini falling on his sword? Well it would seem he was the ball and chain to Walter Sabatini's long-held desire to wheel and deal like it's Monte Carlo on a bender. Though expected, Inter Maicon's Carcass has landed in Rome with a Roma scarf and ta-da, Roma has a new right back. Merely a shell of a shell of a shell of the man who owned the right flank of Europe for a few years (a whopping seven matches last year), he's still a solid player for a club with Europa League fantasies. Which really, really hurt to type. But he's also got a little something to prove as next year's World Cup is back home and he'll want to weasel back into the Selecao the same way Walter weasels out of tents. Maybe. Or maybe he'll just want to be a fat slob. Who cares. It's better than Torosidis. Details forthcoming, but the deal will be relatively cheap on Roma's end with City subsidizing.

There are rumors he's been signed on 3m euros net for two years (free transfer - City wanted to dump him), which would completely obliterate the pattern of transfer-fees-before-contract the current regime had cultivated thus far and would be, given Doug's blinding regression, an incredible overpay. If true, Roma's payroll Top 5 now reads: Totti, DDR, Maicon, Borriello, Burdisso.

What @#$%ing year is this?

In other news, Morgan De Sanctis - speaking of carcasses - will join The AS Roma Goalkeeping Pu Pu Platter in the coming hours/days, along with St. Bogdan, That Polish Dude, and JSB's Perm. Meanwhile, Kevin Strootman's bank guarantees may go through tomorrow for his 18-20m deal - midweek is being mentioned for a medical. All of this is wonderful as Walter's seemingly had his much-needed sudden moment of Eureka!: "Hey, maybe a full preseason would get the side clicking before Novermberish." Luis Enrique scoffs.

Step aside, children - Walter's runnin' solo and makin' moves.