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Roma to Replace Marquinhos with Adil Rami?

With the mega millions deals for Marquinhos and Kevin Strootman signed, sealed, and delivered, the heavy lifting of Roma's summer mercato appears done. So how will Walter Sabatini round out Rudi Garcia's squad? And why did the club go rafting?

David Rogers

Walter Sabatini was puttin' in some work this week, completing nearly €50m in moves over the past two days alone, so can you really blame him for relaxing on the river? With the headline grabbing moves over for now, look for Big Walt to focus on the fringe players, rounding out the squad to Rudi Garcia's liking.

With that in mind, here are the latest rumors as we head into the weekend.

Strootman In, Marquinhos Out

We've known about each of these for a few days now, but with the arrival of Kevin Strootman, Roma's denim saturation grew exponentially. All told, Strootman comes with a €16.5m price tag, with the possibility of an additional €3.5m in bonuses. As for Plural (I guess we can retire than nickname now), the kid who cost less than €5m just garnered Roma a cool €31.4m.

Pretty hard to turn that sum down, and its not as if he forced his way out, so let's all wish him well and hope we see him again in the Champions League.

(as an aside, check out this link on the story. Just when you think the American media might finally grasp the concept of Non-EPL football, they go and do that)

Rami on Verge of Roma move?

Roma-Rami, just makes too much sense not to happen. But with Roma's crop of centerbacks suddenly thinner, Adil Rami might be inching closer to Roma, presumably to compete with Nicolas Burdisso for the role of third centerback. Rami, 27, finished outside of the Top 20 in most major defensive categories in La Lig last season, so being third option might be all he could hope for... Nevertheless, with Marquinhos officially out the door, don't be shocked if they bring another CB on board.

Bueno, Roma, Bueno

You honestly didn't think Walter Sabatini could go a whole summer without bringing in an untested South American, did you? Didn't think so...the flavor of this summer appears to be Uruguayan forward Gonzalo Bueno, who looks set to endure a loan spell at Roma this term.

Ladies and gentleman (again, mostly gentleman) meet your 2013-2014 version of Nico Lopez.

De Sanctis Nearing Roma Move

It has certainly been a busy week in Roma, but, as the saying/song goes, there ain't no rest for the wicked. Walter's got bills to pay, he's got mouths to feed, pinning this years goalkeeping hopes on Morgan De Sanctis.

If you haven't picked up on this summer's theme, its this: Serie A novel.

Pjanic wants Roma Renewal

While this may ultimately put the kibosh on a Christian Eriksen move, Pjanic appears smitten with Roma, and if our hopes prove justified, Rudi Garcia might finally be the man to make the most of Miralem.

Sure would be nice to have Eriksen, though.

Lippi: "AS Roma can win the Scudetto"

I suppose you can consider this Lippi damning Roma with faint praise, suggesting that if Roma can somehow manage to find a common ideal, they can win it all. But I suppose thats been the issue all along, hasn't it?

As Lippi suggested, it's not as if Luis Enrique or Zdenek Zeman were poor managers, they just didn't enjoy the full support, financially, emotionally or ideologically, of the squad and front office. The Roman house was divided against itself, making the sheer notion of uniformity laughable in concept and impossible in execution.

Unity of vision and purpose is a wonderful thing, so let's hope we have it this time, but I don't recall any Scudetto claims surrounding LE or ZZ--something about this summer seems different, the past 10 days or so have done wonders for Roma's collective resolve.

No Rumor Here

But check out that hair, God bless that kid, I hope he conquers the world.

And lastly...

Roma Rafting Trip

I don't even have the words for this one. Granted, I'm not expert on Italian topography or river ecology, but who in their right mind would think placing millions upon millions of dollars and/or euros into a river is a good idea?

Still, that's better than any team building exercise to which I've been a party.

Ah, the life of a professional athlete.