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John Arne Riise to Return to Roma?

It's A.S. Roma's 86th birthday, incase you missed the party, we've got parting gifts--the best of which might see the return of the Giallorossi's favorite ginger.

Roberto Serra

Despite all the progress made last week, and with several spots left to fill, Walter Sabatini's work is not yet finished. We already talked about how important Federico Balzaretti is to success in 2013-2014, we know that Torosidis is solid enough and that Dodo is....umm...something. With all that lingering uncertainty, it's a safe bet we might see a fresh set of full back legs in the not too distant future.

Riise Seeking Roma Return

Tears. Tears of Joy.

As far as rumors go, this would be the childhood equivalent of learning the Easter Bunny is real. There are links, albeit extremely, extremely tenuous ones, claiming that John Arne Riise might return to Roma.

However, when you read between the lines, the rumor simply doesn't hold water. All the link says is that Riise would come back to Roma if presented with the opportunity, concluding that he'll be out of a contract next summer. Riise will be 33 when this season starts, so if he were to return a year from now, at age 34, it would be little more than ceremonial. But, man, talk about a cascade of man tears. There wouldn't be a dry eye in the Chiesa if this came to fruition.

For posterities sake, enjoy this:

Cellino: 'Nainggolan mustn't join Roma'

There are other rumors/stories, of course. Massimo Cellino doesn't want Radja Nainggolan to join Roma, one would presume largely because of last season's forfeiture--safety standards be damned. But, at this point, its sort of hard to see where Radja would fit in with Rudi's new look squad anyway.

AS Roma: Mauro Baldissoni New General Manager

Take your time on this one, the article is quite long.

A quick search on Mr. Baldissoni shows that he holds a law degree from Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza and he's worked with the Government of Albania to privatize their telecommunications, oil and mining industries. So there's that

Bueno Bound for Roma...But

There's the small matter of €400,000 outstanding on the Nico Lopez bill to settle first.

Southampton Still Swinging for Osvaldo

He's gotten the emotional vote of confidence from Rudi Garcia and Alessandro Florenzi in recent days, but that hasn't stopped Southampton from chasing after PDO.

Something tells me this one is going down to the wire.

De Sanctis Set for AS Roma Medical

Bogdan Lobont fans, avert your gaze.

That's it for now, cross your fingers and say your prayers and maybe the Riise will rise again.