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2013/14 Serie A Fixtures Announced

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Get your Palm Pilots, ladies, gents, and scallywags.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Annually, I complain. You complain. Everyone complains. Well, we did. Last year, the gods smiled on Roma with a delightfully balanced schedule designed to test a top flight club on a very moderate level. Roma took this largesse and decided to light itself on fire. Love her. Now we're back with the "computers" and "chance" and "randomness" and oh for @#$%'s sake it's Serie A there's some dude fielding calls in the back doling out scrumptious fixtures to those offering the most pasta primavera, good grappa and girls of legal age, Silvio swears. Or something. Lottery my ass.

This is what Roma was "bestowed" this year. The old bete noir, returning after doing penance in Serie B, has been offered up on the opening weekend. Away. As far as bad jujus go, this is as real as it gets, lassies.

Otherwise, it's actually really balanced outside of that back-end with Milan, Fiorentina and Juventus in three out of four weeks before turning it around quickly for the return fixtures. Now it's Roma's to screw it all up.

1a giornata: LIVORNO-ROMA

2a giornata: ROMA-VERONA

3a giornata: PARMA-.ROMA

4a giornata: ROMA-LAZIO

5a giornata: SAMPDORIA-ROMA

6a giornata: ROMA-BOLOGNA

7a giornata: INTER-ROMA

8a giornata: ROMA-NAPOLI

9a giornata: UDINESE-ROMA

10a giornata: ROMA-CHIEVO

11a giornata: TORINO-ROMA

12a giornata: ROMA-SASSUOLO

13a giornata: ROMA-CAGLIARI

14a giornata: ATALANTA-ROMA

15a giornata: ROMA-FIORENTINA

16a giornata: MILAN-ROMA

17a giornata: ROMA-CATANIA

18a giornata: JUVENTUS-ROMA

19a giornata: ROMA-GENOA

(Reverse order for the return fixtures. Full schedule, with dates, later.)