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Roma Rumor Mongering: Spurs Swoop for Pjanic?

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We close out the work week the same way we began it--diving headlong into a sea of partially substantiated rumors. Today's tide of tales includes Franco Baldini persuading Pjanic to join him in London, PSG joining the De Rossi discussions and Gianluca Curci once again being persona non grata in Roma.

Dino Panato

With Franco Baldini shedding Roma for North London, you knew the (insert young Roma star) to Spurs rumors would be plentiful. Given his scattered role and uncertain future, it's only right that we start off with...

Spurs to bid €23m for Pjanic

Big money move for Miralem? The implications of this one are vast, as the €23m being bandied about could go to fund any number of moves, some direct replacements for Pjanic, some not. You know the list by now: Christian Eriksen, Stevan Jovetic and possibly Mario Gomez, the latter not being a direct replacement, of course.

One of the consequences of running through coaches like toilet paper is that they each tend to utilize Miralem slightly differently, effectively stunting his development by constantly shuffling his role and responsibilities. As talented a young player as he is, he still needs a defined role and the confidence of a coach who will let him suffer the requisite growing pains most star players endure. Constantly being jerked in and out of the lineup, while also being bounced from spot-to-spot, isn't the optimal scenario in which we (and Miralem) discover what he does best. At this point in his career, some measure of stability is required if the club has any hope of finding the best means through which to exploit and develop his immense preternatural talent. And although the same can be said for several players on the roster, the Garcia era is make or break for Pjanic--they need a find a way to use him and use him well, or risk losing him to Spurs or to Barcelona, or whomever.

Bottom line, he's too talented to waste upon the whims of Roma's rotating cast of managers. Either use him, or cut bait and cash in.

Benatia Signing All But Official

After passing his medical and exploring the Roman real estate market, it appears that Mehdi Benatia is about to enter the fold as Roma player. We'll have much more to say once this move becomes official, but for Roma's first move of the summer, it's good one.

Osvaldo to City for €15m?...That's nice, how bout €20m?

If Big Walt can manage to get €20 million for Osvaldo, he deserves to have a nicotine stained statue erected in front of the new stadium. This should be a case study in negotiating. Osvaldo CANNOT come back to Roma, most people recognize that, including, one would assume, the Citizens--so does Walt buckle and accept the guaranteed 15 mil or hold his poker face and shoot for the moon? Or, in a strange twist, does Sabatini's suddenly increased valuation of Osvaldo indicate he may be welcomed in Roma after all?

Ok, Fine--We Can't Go to 20 Million, But How About 16 + Maicon?

City comes back with €16m + a loan at Maicon. It wasn't that long ago Maicon was a useful player, right?

Curci Back to Bologna
Roma's once and possibly future keeper is set to spend another season at Bologna, with the two sides agreeing to another loan spell, with Roma retaining the right to buy back his rights.

PSG Joins Chelsea in the Race for De Rossi
Won't this just end...please?