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Roma Transfer Nuggets: Hip Hip For News

Big moves. Or moves. Yeah, just moves.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press
Things are moving finally. Well, sort of. Someone has the key in the ignition, but they haven't quite turned the engine on. But the radio is playing. Something...well, it's not great. It's just the hits on the radio. But it's not bad, either. It just is. This is the Roma summer mercato we've come to know and say we love but really, we love it because if you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with. Which is the most idiotic advice in history.

So everything is moving as expected: slowly, like Walter Sabtini trying to do a lap after smoking six cartons for breakfast.

You're So Official

There was a time in a land when Gianluca Curci's DNA would fetch rivers of oil and twenty vestal females. Time has offered clarity. Clarity tells us that world never really existed, just like The Land Before Time and the one in which Christian Wilhelmsson played for Roma. (Never. Happened.)

The same can be said for Matteo Brighi. Only that world did, in fact, exist. Or maybe it didn't. It was a virtual world - a video game. FIFA 98 or something. A glimpse of that world, a fleeting holograph, was offered once again in the wasteland of 08-09.

Both have found their immediate futures elsewhere, as expected. More, they're both back with their teams from 12-13. Matteo Brighi...well, Italy happened. Torino has his rights on a one year contract and they now own him. As said: Italy happened. Gianluca, meanwhile, is on loan to Bologna once again; they have a buyout clause for 1.2m euros. Roma then has a buyback clause for the buyback clause set at 2.5m euros, which is nothing should that mythical land in which Curci is indeed the next Gigi miraculously rise from yonder. So that's a buyout clause on the buyout clause after passing on a buyout clause.


(Jose Angel and Marco D'Alessandro were also confirmed on loans to Real Sociedad and Cesena, respectively.)


Oh my god just make it official already.

(Valerio Verre, heading the other way along with Nico, reportedly has to agree to go the other way before an expected medical tomorrow, the most common words in Rome for the last three weeks. Somebody, anybody...)

Pablo Osvaldo

The dream has happened: Premier League teams are involved. Even better: the big ones. Considering the need to fall within Michel Platini's Financial Fantasies, clubs will need to approach the market season in ways other than Kanye dancing down the Champs-Elysees like he's Yeezus or somethin'. Enter one Manchester CIty. The perfect backup type for the ehcir uaevuon (I don't know Arabic so I wrote it right to left - A for effort) while still being a good footballer. Discussions are reportedly ongoing. Meanwhile, we're now taking RSVPs for the potential party.

The only bad news is the seemingly sealed deal of David Villa to Atletico Madrid. Pablo long seemed destined for one Falcao-sized hole. Alas...

Kevin Strootman

Hi. Hello. Hi.

There is so little to say: Strootman is the push for the summer. He's the proper passing midfielder with vision who isn't utterly useless on the backend this club so desperately needs and has needed for a couple of years now. There are obviously better pieces dotted along the globe, but within reason, Strootman is the perfect party for any midfield, much less a three-man variety in which Daniele De Rossi is holding court. Whether or not it happens we can't know, but the midfield which was do devastatingly steamrolled ad nauseam over the last year could use a control artist. This is the ideal.

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