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Still The Best Ever

The video. (Him too.)

Jamie Squire

While Francesco Totti dazzled Kansas City on Wednesday evening, we had another way to describe it: Er Pupone played football. He wasn't brilliant - he is brilliant. That's Totti. Nearly every single week. Nothing's changed but the number on the calendar and perhaps its corresponding digit on the odometer, though don't tell him that. No one's noticed. Sure, the wheels are a bit slower but the mind is a bit sharper. Francesco is the same class of player he was fifteen years ago. Yet despite his evolution, it brought back memories which I will never be able to escape. Memories which still make my heart flutter.

This is arguably YouTube's finest ever moment, extending beyond Roma, sport, and this universe as we both know it and attempt to know it. A video which has seen countless rotations in there waters, nurtured countless dreams dancing across these eyelids, and countless cold showers in the hopes that one day - just one day - they might just...

Six months on loan is all I ask. Is that too much to allow one man to die happy? I think not. Hell, you can have Coco for those six months, too. Take your quest for trophies, take your money, take your damn stadium. Give me the magic. Give me calcio's soulmates. Give me divinity personified.

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For the more recent highlights, here are Wednesday night's Totti moments. Twenty-one other people played as well, I believe. No one cares.

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