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Fly, You Fool

Continuing with the season previews... Despite any sales, Roma 2013-14 is happening. Maybe.

Paolo Bruno

You're a fool. You might consider yourself a romantic, or something of the sort, but if there's one thing a fool loves, it's to rationalize his actions. You're a fool and so am I. We all are, here together, because if there's one thing a fool loves it's company. Validation. And if there's one thing a fool loves it's inconsistency. Since "Consistent Roma" could be the example on your "Oxymoron" vocabulary flashcard, you're the moth, Roma's the blue light. The Champions League is the thing that goes zzzap.

Lately, I've been hearing an Armenian quote I had forgotten from a novel I don't quite remember. But I do remember the title, "The Fool."

"While the prudent stand and ponder, the fool has already crossed the river." - Raffi

That's you, the fool, the one who wakes up in the A.M. hoping that this gameday, this Holy Grail, you're Indiana Jones. But alas, "You have chosen... poorly."

You, who continue to pick Roma in the only universe where Michael Captain America Bradley is higher rated than both Totti and Pjanic. The FIFA commentators tease you with "Osvaldo's work rate is incredible, it's like they cloned him!" Careful now, the original is bound to pick a fight with the clone.

Plus, the story's been spoiled for us, we know Dumbledore dies. We know the Giallorossi Wedding is coming. It's only a matter of time until He retires.

Roma? Come on. Pick a better team, all the cool, prudent kids are doing it. Barcelona, Real Madrid, the Manchesters, Juventus, Bayern...



Yes because if there is one thing a fool loves, it's when he's right. Hope that he is not a fool. Prudent, it'll get you your Expected Result. You saw it coming. And you saw coming the fact that you saw it coming: Barcelona beat Celta. Woopie. But when this happens in the darkness of your room, at your desk because Roma doesn't do Couch+TV, (muffle your warcry in a pillow, it's still 3am) it's 3am and you're happier than you will be all week. The highest of highs after the lowest of lows, the Roma Rollercoaster, coming soon to a Disneyland near you.

Roma's a hell of a drug. I don't know how you got into it, but I'm right there with you, every week. Who knows, maybe us fools will strike gold this year. Or we can compose rude Rudi comments together. Wade in, the water's unpredictable. I'll see you on the other side of the river.