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Roma Set Club Record For First Half Points

We'll put the wraps on the weekend by taking a quick trip through Monday's headlines, highlighted by a records setting first half and some more hardware for CR7.

Paolo Bruno

It's award season, and while both Jennifer Lawrence and Cristiano Ronaldo cleaned up over the weekend, Roma, though they didn't garner any awards, did set a club record for points in the first half. With that in mind, lets wind down this Monday with a look around the world of Roma rumors.

Roma Set Club Record For First Half Points

It's not often we link the official site here, but when we're talking about records, we go to the source, right? For you History majors out there, consider this a primary source document. Roma's 44 points through 19 matches is a club record for 20-team competitions (Serie A wasn't always 20 clubs), but it wasn't purely the points that should impress you.

Roma averaged 2.31 points per game, while conceding only 10 goals and 53 shots on target, which should help explain Morgan De Sanctis' 12 cleansheets, most in the league. In fact, Roma's 10 goals allowed is second only to Bayern Munich across Europe's major leagues. I'll leave the rest of the details for the link, but, needless to say, they're impressive.

Garcia: 'Scudetto race is not over'

Despite the unravelling in Torino a while back, 44 points is still an impressive haul, strong enough for Rudi Garcia to declare the Scudetto race alive and well..

We must get our results, win as much as possible, then see what Juventus do. Now they are eight points in front and are stronger, but there’s a long way to go yet. The Scudetto race is not over. Meanwhile, I hope not to find out what our limits are. Having 44 points at this stage is already a record, though it’s still early

Anyone else noticing how pragmatic Rudi has become?

Garcia: 'Nainggolan does it all'

Nainggolan knows how to do everything. He has technique, plays the long ball, can push forward and shoot for goal. Today his role was more about providing balance to the team. He’s incredible, as it’s as if he has been with us since the start of the season

Garcia, in the wake of Sunday's victory, offers some effusive praise for his newest tutee. Really, it doesn't take the sharpest soccer mind in the world to realize how seamlessly Radja fits into Roma's midfield, just how much stronger he makes the bench, and how much versatility he affords to Garcia, both tactically and rotationally speaking.

Well done, Watler. Well done.

AS Roma to play two friendlies at Toronto FC over the next six years

In the wake of the Michael Bradley deal, this should really come as no surprise, but Roma and Toronto FC have brokered an accord that will see the two sides square off two more times over the next half dozen years. I don't follow MLS too closely, but it is my understanding that TFC now has some pretty well heeled owners behind them, so perhaps this should help boost the profile of both clubs

Sanabria Deal Almost Done?

With rumors abound late last week that Barcelona was attempting a last minute price jack for the services of Antonio Sanabria, word around the Eternal City indicates that the young Paraguayan is, in fact, already in Rome to cross the t's and dot the lower case j's on a new deal.

Say it once, say it a million times, and it still doesn't do it justice. Walter Sabatini is assembling a ludicrously talented arsenal of prospects.

Borriello Drops English Hints

Watch out, ladies of the greater Upton Park area, your neighborhood is about to get a whole lot sexier. Roma's reserve hitman, Marco Borriello, may be on the verge of a move to the Premiership club, or, at the very least, his Twitter account is....Marco still has a place at this club, albeit a small one, so it's not as if he's completely useless to Roma, but it looks like #88 is on his way out.

Cristiano Ronaldo Named Ballon d'Or Winner

No, CR7 hasn't been connected to Roma, but this is the biggest news in the footballing world today.

Cristiano Ronaldo, fresh off a 69 goals in 59 match spell, captured this year's honors and broke Lionel Messi's four year run. All told, Ronaldo garnered 1,365 points, followed by Messi's 1,205 and Ribery's 1,127.

While that's all well and good, it does prove one thing: Ribery is still criminally under rated.

So that's it for this Monday's smattering of news, Livorno is but five days away, stay tuned.