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Roma Embarrassed by Bayern Munich, Lose 7-1 at Home

Alexander Hassenstein

Defeating Bayern Munich, home or away, was always a tall order, but given how well Roma has started this season, both domestically and in Europe's group of death, I think we at least hoped for a gutty draw tonight, right? Well, whether you witnessed it first hand or not, word has probably spread to your corner of the world by now.

For the second time in their Champions League history, Roma was on the short end of a 7-1 thrashing, though, unlike that infamous night against Manchester United, this one occurred on Roma's home ground.

Roma looked downright Cesena-esque this evening, providing little in the way of a challenge to the German champs. The strange part is, beyond keeping Roma to a pitiful 34% possession and outshooting them 22 to 12, the stats aren't quite as unbalanced as you'd think. Granted, some of this can be attributed to Bayern having next to nothing to do in the second half, but Roma still managed 10 chances created, pulled off 26 dribbles and completed 83% of their passes; not astounding figures, but not terrible either. Bayern was just deadly efficient and clinical when and where they needed to be, putting six of their seven goals past Roma in the run of play, converting nearly one-third of all their shots into goals.

And that's really the long and short of, there's no need, nor is there any benefit, for a deep dissection of this match, Roma was just plain awful. But, thanks to our friends in Moscow, Roma still remain in second place thanks to CSKA Moscow drawing Manchester City at home. After the first swing through group play, Roma rest on four points, two clear of the Citizens and a distant five behind Bayern, so advancing to the knockout stages is still very much a reality.

Yeah, so that was something, huh? Feel free to drown your sorrows in your vice of choice, but don't give it more than 24 hours of your time, Roma travels to third place Sampdoria on the 25th, while making the return leg at the Allianz on November 5th.

In the meantime, vent away.