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Totti Today #21: Xmas Special: The Witty Wish List

As the Holy Day creeps closer, it’s time to close the books of the, for us Romanisti, magical year 2014. A year full of wins, big transfers, a Serie A silver medal, a Coppa Italia semi-final and a Champions League campaign that ultimately ended in a consolidation prize: the Europa League in 2015. Let’s end 2014 in a fitting way and in true Christmas fashion: with a wishlist of course!

“Dear Santa, this is JonAS speaking on behalf of the red-yellow part of Rome. How are you? Busy days, ey? So anyway, here’s my wish list for 2015:

For Morgan: The Batman DVD collection (apart from Forever and Batman & Robin, it might cause more Morgan howlers).

For Lukasz: A costume of Scorpion (Mortal Kombat character).

For Gianluca and Bogdan: A PlayStation 4 copy of FIFA 15 and two controllers so they can at least play some sort of football in 2015.


For Mapou: A deodorant and pair of scented candles, to ignore his brain farts.

For Ashley and Marco: A city trip to New York (with an option of a permanent stay of course).

For Castan: A six month subsription for the fitness center Sporting Club Delfino in Rome (Piazza Oreste Tommasini, 18)

For Federico: The same as Castan but five years (option of prolongation, just in case).

For Konstantinos: Blu-rays of 300, Spartacus, Ben Hur and Gladiator.

For José: The book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo of Stieg Larsson.

For Maicon: A meet and greet with hip hop group Cali Swag District, who made the song Teach me how to dougie. Including music video.

For Davide: The rescue of Cagliari in Serie A (a Christmas mircale as long as Zdenek is in charge).

For Vasilis: Less stress in 2015, it’s one of the main reasons of hair loss.


For Radja: The Blu-ray of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 version with Megan Fox) and the game Ninja Gaiden 3.

For Daniele: This shirt.

For Kevin and Miralem: Hacked iPhones so they can’t receive calls from England or France respectively.

For Seydou: An airplane malfunction at the airport Fiumicino so he can’t go to the Africa Cup in January, thus staying at Roma. Drastic I know but it’s for a higher cause.

For Salih, Urby, Tonny and Paredes : A poker set. So they finally have a way to spend their easy money.


For Alessandro: A weekend of quality time at the Lake Garda Resort with his nonna.

For Juan Manuel: A Hellas Verona shirt signed by Luca Toni, so he knows it’s possible to be popular in Rome.

For Mattia: The album The Best of Faith No More. Because it is hard to find these day (faith that is).

For Adem: 2015 Nutella jars. C’mon Santa, that was a no-brainer!

For Yao: A succesful career switch to athletics in the Summer, setting new world records on the 100 and 200 metres during the World Championship in Beijing. Leaving Usain Bolt to focus on football instead, scoring 12 goals for AS Roma between September and December 2015, surpassing Yao’s total of 11 Serie A goals. See? Everyone happy.

For Francesco: Ten gallons of water from the Fountain of Youth.


For Rudi: A Stradivarius. What? You’re wealthy enough to make it happen, plus he deserves it.


Thank you in advance, mister Santa! Keep wearing those red colors with proud! E sempre forza Roma!”

So there you have it, boys and girls. My letter to Santa and his little helpers. I feel like he’s gonna have a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks… Feel free to share your very own Roman wishes for next year (and in the far future: season 2015-2016).

Now there’s just one thing left to do and that’s to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Or could 2014 have one more Totti Today in store for you? Maybe. Wait and see…