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Alessandro Florenzi & Francesco Totti Recovering

While Monday was rather mundane in terms of actual news, Roma did get some help on the table from Genoa, some good news on the injury front, and some ambiguous news on several contract extensions.

Marco Luzzani

On a day that saw Parma and Fiorentina do their best Roma-Lazio impression--four goals, three red cards--and Napoli drop two points to Genoa, the biggest news in Romaland is the continued rehab of Francesco Totti and a somewhat positive diagnosis for Roma's third son, Alessandro Florenzi.

While The Viola were not really a direct threat to Roma's place in the table, we'll take any bit of breathing room we can get, right? Meanwhile, from a pure football fan standpoint, the card fest in Parma made for a pleasant viewing experience, but the biggest news of the day came with the release of Roma's latest medical reports.

Florenzi and Totti injury updates

Totti had a check-up earlier, with results revealing there has been a reduction in the bruising he sustained to his left gluteal region. He will begin his recovery program on the field in the next few days...Florenzi underwent tests earlier which confirmed he is suffering from a twisted right ankle. The player has already begun treatment.

While not everyone can relate to a bruised behind, I'm sure we've all, at one point or another, wrenched an ankle, so you don't need me to tell you how they can linger for weeks, if not months. Florenzi twisted his right ankle extremely early in the first half and gutted out 53 minutes of action on Saturday in Bologna, and the official word doesn't really give us any indication of the grade of this sprain, or what course of treatment he's following, but, considering he wasn't pulled immediately, we can probably assume it wasn't too serious.

No word on either player's status for Saturday's match against Inter Milan was given, however.

Garcia Gives Squad Extra Rest

Rudi Garcia decided to grant his boys an extra days rest following their 1-0 victory on Saturday. Much like Totti and Florenzi, Kevin Strootman, a/k/a, The Washing Machine, used that extra day off to get further treatment on his own ailments. If he's anything like my washing machine, he's probably having trouble draining all the fluids.

Pjanic Contract Extension Problems?

This one is in Italian, but it appears as though there are some sticking points preventing Miralem Pjanic from signing his much discussed contract extension. As far as I can tell, the matter of conjecture seems to be the balance between guaranteed money and bonuses. See, Professional athletes are just like us.

Also catching brief mentions in this piece are possible extensions and/or re-negotiations for Mehdi Benatia and Rudi Garcia who, it should come as no surprise, are suddenly hot commodities in the global football marketplace. Needless to say, Roma would like to keep all three men around for the foreseeable future.

Ljajic Called Up For Serbia Friendly

Following his refusal to sing the national anthem prior to a matchup against Spain in May of 2012, Adem Ljajic was effectively excommunicated from the Serbian national team by then headman Sinisa Mihajlovic. But, thanks to a call up from interim coach Ljubinko Drulovic, Ljajic's two year absence will officially come to an end on March 5th when Serbia takes on Ireland in an international friendly.

Good news for Ljajic, and one would presume for Serbia. Despite his somewhat intermittent playing time, Ljajic has performed quite well this season, so I'm sure Serbia can use an injection of Nutella.

‘Roma stadium to be discussed’

There has been so little progress on this front, you'd be forgiven if you forgot that Roma had aims on building their own grounds. The latest hullabaloo comes from the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino:

The project to build our new stadium has still not been presented, from what I know, however, Pallotta will arrive in the city in the next few weeks to present a project to us. When we have seen it, we will assess it. Also, we must not just listen to what the fans want. We must also take into consideration the viability of it and the effects it could have on citizens.

The benefits to Roma owning their own stadium are fairly obvious ($, €, and more $, €), but one would imagine having a state of the art sporting facility in Roma would have some ancillary economic benefit to the public coffers.While I won't exactly hold my breath, I hope that Totti is still playing when this thing opens.

So that's it for Monday's wrap up, it was a pretty slow news day, leaving us plenty of room to fret about Florenzi's ankle and Pjanic's contract renewal.