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Roma's Curvas Closed For Inter Match

With no league matches on the docket today, we're left to discuss sparsely populated seats, possible Miralem Pjanic replacements, and Roma's yearning for Stevan Jovetic.

Paolo Bruno

Tuesday's are the worst day of the week, bar none. Going into Monday, you know to expect the worst, so whatever misery may fall upon you should come as no surprise. Wednesday offers a bit of a reprieve from the work week, Thursday is a sliver of hope on the horizon, while Friday is every birthday present/cop letting you off with a warning/25 cent wing day rolled into one. But, Tuesday? Tuesday is hell. From the minute you wake up, the realization that you still have 32 hours left till freedom looms large.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what was percolating around Roma on this, the longest day of the work week.

High Court keep Roma's Curva closed

Say this for the Italy's High Court of Sports Justice, they act swiftly.

With only three days before Roma hosts Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico, Italy's highest athletic arbiters ruled against Roma's appeal, damning Roma to a Curva-less home game once again. Adding insult to injury to the insult (get it?), the court slammed Roma with an €80,000 fine for the territorial discrimination heard in and around the Olimpico in recent weeks.

Roman Vandals Strike Stadio Dall'Ara

And, making matters worse, this report indicates the club was hit with a further €50,000 fine for acts of vandalism travelling Roma fans made at the Stadio Dall'Ara.

Roma keen on signing Jovetic

Not much by way of words in this one, but it does hint at the re-opening of a rumor we discussed intermittently over the summer. The link within the link indicates as much, with Jovetic admitting he was in contact with Roma before settling on Manchester City.

I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Premiership, but you don't have to be an avid fan to realize that Jovetic has struggled to replicate his Serie A success in England. In fact, with only seven league appearances and one goal, Jovetic has barely registered in the English consciousness. While he is obviously talented enough to work his way into the Citizen's rotation, his performance thus far is a far cry from the 27 goals he racked up for the Viola over the past two years, leaving many to speculate about a possible peninsular return.

He wouldn't come cheap, that's for certain, but he'd be a hell of an investment for Roma.

Roma Set for Hamburg Starlet?

While signing Jovetic wouldn't necessarily be a like-for-like swap for Miralem Pjanic, he would certainly eat up any money allotted for Pjanic's contract extension, meaning whoever Roma select as Pjanic's tactical replacement better be a tad cheaper. The latest name on that list is 20-year-old Hamburg midfielder, Hakan Calhanoglu, a Turkish midfielder generally held in high acclaim.

So, knowing that Roma has (for now) an artificial salary cap, would you rather they opt for a younger, less experienced Pjanic-type player, shifting those funds over to a more forward/attacking talent, or give Pjanic his raise and rely on Mattia Destro, Antonio Sanabria and next year's token journeyman in attack?

Ranieri Set for Monaco Sack

It looks like The Tinkerman will be back on the open market this summer. This isn't a call for his return, of course, but we had some good times with Claudio Ranieri, didn't we?And he is a born and bred local. So, perhaps Roma can sign him to some sort of recreation deal, where he can just sort of, you know, hang out and offer his wisdom to anyone willing to listen.

That's it for the latest smattering of partially substantiated news, hopefully we'll get some concrete updates on Alessandro Florenzi and Francesco Totti as the week rolls on.