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Totti Tuesday: The return

... Of the king. In a weekend where all of Juve, Parma, Fiorentina, Inter, Napoli and Lazio won, Roma had to keep up and win at home against FC Di Natale Udinese. One of the nicer teams in Serie A for my taste… Or less hated teams if you’d like.

Paolo Bruno

A team which kinda resembled Roma the last couple of years. Struggling for European places, losing its most priced assets to the bigger teams, trying to survive with wonderkids from South-America, experiencing campaigns with ups and downs. They even overtook Roma the past three seasons in the standings, ending third, fourth and fifth while Roma… Just, never mind. Try to erase everything that happened since 2011. But 2013-2014 is a totally different matter: Roma is back where it belongs since season ‘09-‘10: among the big boys while Udine is not thinking about European qualification for once but saving their black and white asses from Serie B. What a difference a year makes.

The loss in Napoli and Strootman’s injury caused a bit of negativity around Rome in spite of our second place. Juve are gone with the wind, Napoli and Fiorentina were creeping closer while it should be the other way around. For God’s sake, could it be this same old story again? Roma clusterfucking and throwing away its lead for the umpteenth time? Breaking down in a downward spiral due to pressure, leaving their tifosi disappointed and severely intoxicated, barely hanging on to next season’s hopes and dreams? And when the f*ck is Roma gonna play the postponed match against Parma to increase the gap with Napoli and the Viola? Questions,questions. Too many questions and all of them were irrelevant at Monday evening. Step by step to ensure Champions League, no looking back, no looking forward. Udine right here, right now.

And who else but old rats Totti and Morgan Batman could understand the importance of a win? Both were decisive yesterday and prove that you not only need a big pool of talents but also a lifeguard or two, three to watch over the children playing in the water. Roma conceded twice which didn’t happen in Serie A since the Juventus defeat but that’s basically the only thing to compain about. We’ll have to do without Strootman for a long time but the grand return of Francesco (goal and assist), the imminement return of Daniele in midfield, the evergreen De Sanctis, the consistent Radja, another Destro goal and the resurecction of the Dodo on the left, are all we need to remember from Udinese. And to bring the fight to Napoli, Fiorentina and to lesser extend of course, Juve.

Mission accomplished. Another hurdle is taken, another week survived. It was hard, a bit ugly and Roma played with fire but that doesn’t make the win any less sweet. Just like after both 3-0 losses in Juventus and Napoli, Roma react in style, with a win, to ease its fans and keep the pressure off. It proves this team is determined and confidence is high. Let’s hope it’s ‘high’ enough to beat the Flying Donkeys in Verona. Upwards and onwards.

Note: Totti's finally back but next week unfortunately will be a Totti Tuesday-less week as I won’t be able to post something on CDT. I’m off to Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday and only return on March 28, having very little time for all things Roma related. Well, maybe apart from the binge-drinking and a lot of these situations. And yes ladies, I’ll be wearing these all day (and night) long. All ye’ ol’ Scottish fowk aroond here ur welcum ta visit meh durin’ mah stay aye? See in two weeks!