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Roma Unveil New Stadium Designs

Its been nearly 36 months in the making, but the powers that be are finally ready to unveil the grand designs of Roma's new stadium.

Paolo Bruno

Roma passed over to American hands nearly three years ago, causing alternating bouts of relief and consternation among tifosi the world over. Was this injection of American capital the fuel Roma needed to regain her rightful place among Europe's elite? Did Thomas DiBenedetto and his cohorts have the financial clout to compete with the more moneyed clubs up north, to say nothing of those on the British Isles. Could they pay the top wages necessary to recruit the game's greatest players, and would they strip the club of its very soul in the process?

While many of these questions may not be answered for decades, if ever, one thing was for certain; these men saw the value in a modern, club-controlled, Lazio-free stadium. After nearly 36 months of speculation, we may have, at long last, an inkling of what this stadium will look like, what it might be called, and what it means for the future of the club.

The club is broadcasting the official presentation here, (link is no longer live) so join us as Roma unveils perhaps the biggest piece of news in club history.

Share your thoughts below, what did you think of the presentation? What does it mean for Roma, is this the first concrete step towards perpetual glory?

Updates as they come...

Wow, who knew this thing was so early, here are some renderings of the new digs.

Here is the stadiums official website, which, if you ask me, is actually nicer than the club website. The early details of the Stadio della Roma indicate it will seat 52,000, expandable to 60K, have the typical executive and club level seats and house not only a Nike superstore but also the Roma Hall of Fame.

More images can be found here, so they'll have to tide you over until the stadium opens in 2016-2017.