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Totti Tuesday: The point

Scratch Milan. Roma has now defeated every Italian team at least once this season (Coppa included). Yep, you read that right. Roma won again, duh, last weekend. Just like the previous eight games. And probably next weekend as well. Catania better start saying their Serie B-prayers.

Paolo Bruno

We've come at a point this season where I think I just might keep my Totti Tuesdays short, smooth and simple. Because really, I'd just be bothering you guys with much pointless jibber-jabber. Like the next couple of paragraphs...

We've come at a point where words are becoming unneccesary. Table standings, goals, clean sheets, wins, possession, that's the sh*t right there, son. Mathematical porn if you'd like. Just without the yelling, squealing and occasional buffering in the middle of a video (don't you just hate that).

We've come at a point where Roma is firmly in second place and Luca Toni is almost Serie A's capocannoniere. This feels like 2006 all over. World Cup, an in-form Roma, Totti with short hair, a great tactician at the helm...

We've come at a point where winning streaks are actually not that ‘special' anymore. Roma's current form: WWWWWWWWW. That's nine W's. Almost the same as the start of their campagin: WWWWWWWWWW. That's ten. With another seven wins in between. The Americans haven't seen so many W's since the election of George Bush jr.

We've come at a point where the results of Napoli, Lazio, Inter or Fiorentina don't even matter. Why? Because they're simply too far behind. And we simply don't care anymore. Yeah, mostly the second one.

We've come at a point where Roma's management is actually making good decisions about players' contracts (yes to Morgan, no to Bastos).

We've come at a point where we're looking at Champions League highlights and pictures of 2007, 2008 and 2009 and are NOT crying because we know we'll make our comeback soon.

We've come at a point where we're linked with Jackson Martinez and Jan Vertonghen and not Guillermo Burdisso or Adriano (yikes).

We've come at a point where Roma is ranked among Europe's best in pratically everything, from defense to attack. Together with the likes of Bayern, Barcelona, Liverpool, PSG, Real and Manchester United City.

We've come at a point where four Brazilians in a defense is sexier than four Italians.

We've come at a point where 90 points isn't a dream but almost a reality.

We've come at a point where 37-year-old players are sexier than 21-year-olds.

We've come at a point where I need to point out that Roma is at its point of supremacy and one point is unthinkable, three points are commonplace and everything points to a grand ending of the campaign thanks to Roma's strongest point: the defense. And Totti as our pointman. If you think otherwise, you've missed the point. I hope I have made my point now.

Now let's point all our pointy fingers towards Catania!

Ps: Exclusive message right here: I'm planning on doing a poll by the end of the season. The poll will involve the designation of a new name for this weekly blog. Posting on Tuesdays is gonna be a mess if Bren, Dhaw and co are going for CL-previews, -reviews and such (luxury problems but still, problems).

So: a new day, a new name but hopefully the same crowd! Feel free to post your ideas below, even funny or atrocious ones, I am after all an open-minded person. I will pick out the best ones (five or so) and in time make the ultimate superpoll!