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Totti Tuesday: The Longing

After Catania, now this… This season is finally showing it’s Mr. Hyde-side right at the end of the campaign. And it’s a damn ugly side.

Paolo Bruno

48 hours should be enough for any normal human being to calm down and come back to its senses. Whatever horrible thing may have happened to him. I've tried but I'm still mad and even furious about the loss on Sunday.

As if the 4-1 in Catania humiliation wasn't enough, Roma fans had to see mercenary Pablo Osvaldo score in his former stadium at the 94th (!) minute to let Juventus narrowly win the game 0-1. That's one hell of a doomed sentence. This season needs to end ASAP because things are clearly not going our way at all. Ironically, Roma-Juventus embodied the entire season in just 90 minutes. A brave Roma, most of the times as good or even better than Juve, couple of decent chances but in the end, they let it slip and lose to a more shrewd, proven and experienced side. Reminds me a bit of the Roma-Inter clashes shortly after the calciopoli scandal.

It's unthinkable after such a season, with 85 points and second place, but Roma players can hardly step off the field with their heads held high. They got tricked, again. And the weak spots were obvious, again. Defensive backs, more football IQ and a dangerous striker as plan B when Destro has one of his ‘Casper the friendly ghost'-games like Sunday. It makes the brilliant and typical striker finish from Ozzy even more painful. After Catania, this was the second time Sabatini and the management had a good look at Roma's flaws. And yes, there are still flaws, second place or not. And it won't get better from here on out: midweek games, fatigue, suspensions, pressure... Sometimes, a European campagin can be a poisoned gift as well, just take a look at Milan or Manchester United. Roma's management needs to get aware of that and I trust they will. Dodo's, Skorupski's, Taddei's, Florenzi's will not suffice this time.

Luckily, this wasn't a decisive Scudetto-game anymore or otherwise I would have had a heart attack after Gervinho's miss versus Storari. The first half was quite enjoyable, even though neither team had anything to play for. There were more fouls in the second half, a lot of them involved Giorgio ‘my favorite band is Elbow' Chiellini. And to think people still want to see Totti in Italy's national team... Him and Chiellini are not best friends. Knowing the Squadra Azzura consists of 80% Juve players, it's like throwing a mad butcher into a massive protest action of vegans: it's a bad idea and there will be blood (good movie btw).

If anyone's still interested in my current state: yes, still a mad person over here. Maybe there are people who have already got their mind set on next week (or even september 2014). Maybe some simply don't give a damn and were already waisted by minute 10. Maybe some are still thinking it was only a bad dream and they expect to wake up on Sunday morning, May the 11th.

In the last two games I felt something I hadn't felt in the previous 35 ones: The longing for the end of this season. Please come and save me, Genoa.

Ps: the poll will be included in next week's Totti Tuesday. And it promises to be a special one too. Why? You'll see.