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Totti Tuesday: The Century

I never dreamed of reaching this goal since I began writing for la Chiesa but … this post today is something special, my friends. That’s right, it’s the 100th Totti Tuesday!

Pier Marco Tacca

And it is something we should celebrate together because what would this blog and Chiesa be without its visitors, the people making it such a lively place? C’mon and join the festivities!

As if Roma’s second place wasn’t enough reason for a party, we’re now by coincidence also celebrating my 100th post right at the end of the campaign. We’ve come a long way since March 2012, indeed. Things and people change. Maybe you’ve seen it in my writing as well. This is a personal top five of my previous posts you shouldn’t miss out on (if I may say so myself). Please feel free to share your very own favorite Totti Tuesday post or moment below.

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To be honest, I like all the other posts as well. There’s nothing I would change with hindsight. It’s been quite the journey since the first Totti Tuesday. Ironically, I’ve experienced two totally different season since the beginning (not counting the borefest with Enrique, which was pratically done when I started as a writer). The first one, 2012-2013 was immediately an unforgettable season: drama, two coaches, Zeman’s  wicked 4-3-3, the rise of Marquinhos and Lamela, Goicoechea’s ultimate blooper against Cagliari …Most fans condemn that season into the deep dark abyss. But for a writer, 2012-2013 was golden. The line between laughing and crying was very thin. And to top it off, that incredible Coppa final. Of course, what did you expect of a drama queen like Roma? After all, there’s no news like bad news.

So it was quite understandable the fans and Chiesa’s writers didn’t expect much from season 2013-2014. Apart from myself, none of our writers predicted  a top 3 finish (come to think of, Bren still needs to buy me a beer for that!). Boy, were we in for a treat. Fast forward nine months and here we are, preparing ourselves for our comeback in the Champions League, seeing our players involved in 30m+ bids by Europe’s best teams.
All things eventually need to keep up with the times, even me. Next season sees a drastic change in Chiesa’s schedule due to the Champions League games. What a lovely problem to have, no? Therefore, I ask the help from the audience. Visit the poll down below and decide the future (and name) of this blog!

Ow yeah, I forgot. There was also a Roma game this weekend, no? Which looked more like kindergarten really. Rudi called up a bunch of Primavera boys, resting key players like Morgan, Gervinho, De Rossi, Maicon and Pjanic. Both teams were certain of their spot and perfectly happy with how things went (Roma: Europe, Genoa: survival). But losing three times in a row is not a good ending of this season, it deserved to go out with a bang and not a borefest. It’s not dropping points that concerns me, but the mentality the last two games. Even with nothing at stake, whoever starts needs to respect the competition and the Roman fans who travelled to Genoa. Except Destro, no one had to be afraid of injuries before the WC so that’s no excuse. A working point for sure.

If you turn around Roma’s season, Rudi could have been fired by week 4 (ok ok, I exaggerated). Now, time to go witness Saba’s night moves. Silly season is about to begin.

And with that, the 100th Totti Tuesday comes to an end. I’ll post a kinda, sorta review of the roster soon and then Totti Tuesday will lay low for a while, meanwhile bracing itself for (hopefully) another century of posts under a different name. But for that to happen, I need you (Uncle Sam style)… Ladies, gentlemen, start your voting!