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Roma's Goals of the Year: Alessandro Florenzi's Bicycle Kick vs Genoa

This season is only a week behind us, so before we get too obsessed with rumors, let's not forget some of the more magical moments the Giallorossi provided this season. First up in our random lookback, Alessandro Florenzi's stunner vs. Genoa.

Paolo Bruno

The World Cup is still a few weeks away and, at this point, Roma's market moves remain mere myths. There will be plenty of time to speculate and dissect Roma's possible comings and goings, but, believe it or not, the season only ended a week ago. So, given the dearth of actual news, let's begin a random look at Roma's goals of the season, because who has time for an organized countdown anyway?

First up, perhaps my favorite goal of the season, Alessandro Florenzi's bicycle kick versus Genoa.

January 12, 2014 vs Genoa, 25th Minute

I love this goal for so many reasons, least of all because it was the eventual match winner. While your standard bicycle kick, to the extent that even exists, generally comes with plenty of open space and an impeccably well played ball, Florenzi's bike (might be an overhead volley, if we're going to be pedantic) came off an errant clearance from the Genoa defense, making this spectacular goal anything but calculated.

We can probably give the Genoa defensive wall some initial credit for blocking Francesco Totti's hellacious free kick, but their actions thereafter show why they finished in 14th place. First and foremost, there was Thomas Manfredini's piss poor clearance. Take a second look at that and notice how hard Radja Nainggolan was charging at the loose ball, so we can probably excuse Manfredini's poor technique, he was just scared of the psychotic looking Belgian barreling towards him. You probably thought his haircuts were fashion statements, didn't you? Nope, pure intimidation.

Next, we'll give partial credit to both Florenzi and Sime Vrsaljko for keeping Ale onsides. Florenzi split the two Genoa defenders with complete ease, then had enough sense to shuffle a few steps backwards to remain on side, but it's almost as if Vrsaljko and Manfredini never even saw Florenzi.

As far as the actual goal is concerned, I mean, come on, do I really have to say anything? Just the simple fact that Ale had the moxie to even attempt such an audacious move is testament enough to the quality of this moment, but Florenzi's technique was flawless. Mattia Perin looked completely surprised, barely even moving towards the ball; the attempt was that unexpected.

And the celebration, well that's sure to go down as one the best in club history. The expression on Florenzi's face says it all; this goal was completely unexpected, yet it was absolutely perfect.

Alessandro Florenzi, in form, function and attitude, is the perfect player to carry this crest into the future.