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World Cup Final: Open Thread

The latter rounds of the World Cup haven't been quite as prolific as the group stages, but it's hard to argue that anyone other than the favorites have advanced to the final. Germany and Argentina has the potential to be a classic, so let's hope it pans out.

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When the World Cup starts off with an own goal from the host nation, a mere 11 minutes into play, you know you're in for a strange month. Brazil 2014 has brought us goals and performances for the ages, from players as varied as Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez and Tim Howard, as well as a few moments of shame and embarrassment (you know who you are). But what started off fast and furious, with goals coming seemingly at will, quickly throttled down to a series of dull extra time affairs, with the lone exception of Germany's destruction of Brazil, so the manner in which today's final plays out is anyone's guess.

Will Messi's individual brilliance be enough to break down Die Mannschaft and bag a couple of goals for the Albiceleste, or will Germany's synchronicity in attack deliver their fourth World Cup title?

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Final Preview

Once this match is over, we can finally (and fully) turn our attention back to the transfer market and pre-season preparations, so let's try and enjoy 90 more minutes of objectivity before we tear our collective hair out wondering what Sabatini has up his sleeve.