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Juan Iturbe in Rome to Sign Five Year Deal

Boots are on the ground, so to speak. Juan Iturbe has landed in Rome and is reportedly taking his medical examination ahead of penning a five year deal with the club, though the exact cost remains unknown, but it could be as high as €31 million.

Dino Panato

A mere 16 hours later and the Juan Iturbe to Roma storm has barely relented. In fact, it's probably picked up steam. After all, we're talking about one of the two or three most expensive transfers in club history. For a peek at the insanity, check this out--an hour-by-hour account of Iturbe's first steps in Rome. The talented 21-year-old Argentine winger has been spotted in and around Trigoria, so we can safely assume the deal is nearing completion; however, the finer points of the deal are still up in the air.

This much is certain; Iturbe will cost Roma at least €25-€28 million, however, some outlets are reporting the deal could rise to as much as €31m in a straight cash-only deal, while others are holding firm in the €28m neighborhood with one or more players going on loan to Hellas Verona; with an additional €3m going directly to Iturbe's agent. So either way, it appears as though this deal could eclipse thirty million, the only wrinkle being how much goes straight to Verona and/or Iturbe's agent. And my only question is, how do I become an agent?

The originator of this story, Gianluca DiMarzio, is now reporting that Iturbe's medical is taking place as we speak and that the deal will be officially announced later this evening.

No matter the source, the general consensus seems to be that Iturbe will earn €1.6m per season, with bonuses that could carry that to €2.5m per season. So while the price tag is enormous and quite out of character for Roma, the annual wages are well within her grasp.

Quite naturally, news this big will take weeks to dissect and digest, particularly as it relates to Roma's other market aims, to say nothing of Rudi Garcia's squad rotations, so we'll cover those angles as they arise.

But, good lord, did you ever picture Roma spending this much on anyone, let alone a 21-year-old?

Needless to say, there will be more updates to come, stay tuned