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Report: Roma Sign DeAndre Yedlin from Seattle for $5 million

Gianluca DiMarzio has been all over Roma's rumor mill this summer, hitting on the Iturbe and Astori transfers almost immediately. His latest report indicates that Roma have landed American starlet DeAndre Yedlin for $5 million.

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Can you take anymore? Can you stand to further unfurl the amazingness that is Walter Sabatini? Big Walt started off the day stealing Davide Astori from Lazio's talons and may have ended it by signing arguably the hottest American prospect to ever hit the open market. We're talking, of course, about Seattle Sounders right back DeAndre Yedlin, who, if Italy's busiest rumor reporter is correct, is headed to Roma.

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According to Signore DiMarzio, Roma have landed Yedlin for $5 million, which is roughly €3.6 million, so about half an Astori on today's, literally, today. Things have been that hectic. DiMarzio reports that Yedlin will remain with Seattle through the end of the MLS season, at which point Roma will most likely loan him out to a smaller Serie A side for some seasoning. Italians are good with seasoning.

This still remains a fragmented rumor, but the particulars put forth by DiMarzio are similar to what we discussed three weeks ago when Yedlin was first connected to Roma, so things are moving in the right direction, if nothing else.

This would obviously be a gigantic move for Roma's branding mission, Yedlin is without a doubt America's most exciting prospect (I give him the nod over Julian Green simply because he's closer to making an impact), and one who could easily fill column space and grace cover pages thanks to his blazing speed and unique style.

We touched on it briefly several weeks ago, but this transfer stands to benefit all parties involved immensely. Roma could get their right back of the future just as Maicon's deal expires, Yedlin moves to one of the major European leagues and is given time to acclimate, and from a PR perspective, I mean, come on, the story writes itself. Yedlin is infinitely more marketable than his bald headed American predecessor and would put the club front and center every time he suits up for the US, plus, you know, he's a tantalizing prospect on the pitch.

I'd say stay tuned, but Sabatini may have already closed this deal before I hit publish, but obviously further substantiation will be needed before you order your new #2 kit.