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Quiz: How much do you know about Roma and Fiorentina?

Its pop quiz time, hotshot. How much do you know about the history between Roma and Fiorentina?

Paolo Bruno

We've waited nearly three months for this, but believe it or not, the Serie A season starts on Saturday. Roma plays host to Fiorentina in the day's second match, the 155th meeting between these Serie A stalwarts. In recent seasons, we've seen a bit of cross pollination between the two clubs, with players like Alberto Aquilani, Luca Toni and Adem Ljajic bridging the divide between Roma and Firenze, but how much do you know about the history of this matchup?

Well, we're about to find out in CdT's first ever pop quiz. Ten questions, multiple choice, no Google, no Bing, no Alta Vista. Use your wits, Santa Claus is watching.

As this is our first attempt, please mind the glitches/typos.