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The Final Countdown: Transfer Deadline Rumor Roundup

It's almost deadline day, and we've got all your Roma transfer rumors covered. Have Roma actually signed Adrien Rabiot? How much did they pay for Holebas? Any truth to the rumor that Zlatan wants to take a pay cut? Stick with us throughout deadline day to find out.

Matt Cardy

There are approximately 48 hours remaining in the summer transfer window, and you know what that means, it's time for the Wolf of Trigoria to work some of his patented last minute transfer magic. Sabatini is often at his best when the clock is running short, and with the summer transfer deadline rapidly approaching, we should probably expect a barrage of 11th hour rumors.

So, rather than discussing them one-by-one, we'll use this post as a catch all, updating and negating rumors as necessary.

Adrien Rabiot

L'Equipe follows this kid around like TMZ trails Tom Selleck--right, he's still popular with the kids? I don't know, I don't follow that garbage--so we can expect the bulk of the Rabiot news to originate with them.

While they broke the news earlier in the week that Roma had agreed to terms with PSG for the 19-year-old midfielder on a €15m transfer, the ensuing couple of days has seen Arsene Wegner poke his nose into Roma's affairs. After all, teenaged French midfielders are to Wegner what Argentine wingers are to Sabatini. But, according to their latest reports, Roma have indeed won the battle for Rabiot, not only reaching an agreement with PSG, but finally selling Rabiot on the merits of a move to Roma.

Of course the 800lb gorilla in the room is, quite simply, €15m is a lot to spend on a kid whose contract expires in June. With no assurances that he'll sign a new deal, at least nothing made public, this is a gigantic risk, particularly as he has no defined role on the team as currently constituted.


Alessio Romagnoli

In a move sure to break a few hearts around here, Roma have loaned Romagnoli to Sampdoria with an option to buy, though Roma retain the right to buy him back; it's almost like they're kids trading baseball cards or video games, each inserting a "do over" to cover their asses.

With Kostas Manolas in tow and the ever present Marko Basa rumors, there don't figure to be a ton of minutes at Romagnoli's disposal, so let's hope his time at Samp is busy and beneficial.

Jose Holebas

Roma picked up the jack of all trades Greek defender on the cheap, forking over only €1m to Olympiacos. Holebas signed on for a three year stint in the capital and should fill a variety of roles for Rudi Garcia, while providing Vasilis Torosidis and Manolas some company.


Di Marzio is also indicating that, given the ongoing difficulties in the Basa negotiations, Roma have turned their attention to Rolando, a player to whom they've been connected for the past few summers.

More to come...