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Wrapping Up Roma's Summer Transfer Market

Transfer deadline day was a dud. Beyond a shuffling of reserve defenders, Roma was relatively quiet. Join us for a quick recap.

Paul Thomas

Roma's transfer deadline day came and went with little bluster. The much rumored and debated move for Adrien Rabiot never came to pass, though it appears it's been tabled to January at the very latest, while Mattia Destro and even Daniele De Rossi were suddenly made an object of desire by Arsene Wenger. Hard to blame them for dreaming, but considering everything DDR has sacrificed to remain with this club and what Destro means for its future, these were always pipe dreams for those poor Gunners fans.

Roma did make two official moves, however. Alessio Romagnoli, despite being held in high regard, simply had no immediate place in this season's squad. A smattering of minutes here and there, particularly if he's forced to play fullback again, will do little for his development, so his one year loan with Sampdoria will hopefully serve him well.

In a corresponding move, Roma snapped up Newcastle defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa on a season long loan. The 25-year-old French defender is capable of playing in the heart of defense as well as on the flanks, though his performance, shall we say, falters in that role. Taking a quick look at his numbers, it appears as though he floundered a bit once making the move to Newcastle, though he did lead the Premiership in last man tackles last season, according to WhoScored. His €7m buyout clause is rather large for a reserve player, so if he is indeed picked up, we can safely assume Rudi Garcia thinks his reclamation powers will once again work their magic.

In a non-move move, Roma did not manage to find a take for Marco Borriello and his still hefty salary, so Roma's number nine will remain in the Eternal City. Fathers, lock up your daughters, but as we discussed earlier this summer, Marco has some merit left as a footballer.

So that's it, deadline day wasn't terribly exciting for Roma, mostly because she did her business earlier in the summer. As it stands right now, Roma shelled out €56.8m in transfers, while bringing in €32.10m in sales, for a deficit of €24.7m, a figure which should be negated with the Champions League revenue.

So what do you think? Are you happy with Walter's work?