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Twenty Questions on the 20th Anniversary of Francesco Totti's First Goal

September 4, 1994, the date of Francesco Totti's first career goal. Twenty years and hundreds of goals have passed, but how much do you know about Totti's goal scoring records?

Paolo Bruno

While today was a slow news day, we did overlook one important milestone in one monumentally important man's career. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Francesco Totti's first career goal. On September 4, 1994, Totti scored the lone goal in Roma's 1-1 draw with Foggia. Totti has, of course, gone on to score 234 more Serie A goals, the second best mark in the history of the league, trailing only Silvio Piola.

In honor of Totti's 20th anniversary, here's a bit of a challenge: 20 questions about Totti's prodigious goal scoring career. Again, we're still working on the finer points of this feature, so please excuse the typos.

Question #12 escaped Quality Control, please adjust your scores accordingly. Inspector 46 has been severely reprimanded and will not be allowed to participate in casual Friday's for the remainder of the fiscal quarter, nor will they be at this year's corporate retreat.