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Totti Today #23: Destruction Derby

… But first, let me take a selfie! Not only a decent song from The Chainsmokers, but also one of last weekend’s hottest topics in the football world. Totti (age: 38, can’t stress this enough) showed the world he’s still alive and kicking. He even joins in with the newest hypes and took a selfie with the Curva. Two fantastic goals and now all-time derby top scorer… Take a bow, ladies and gents.

AS Totti – Lazio Anderson. That’s basically the best way to describe the last derby. Roma were nowhere in the first half and got hammered by a brilliant Felipe Anderson and co, 0-2 at HT. Gasp. Uninspired, a bit afraid, nervous, first place at stake, you name it. Lazio was a far more dangerous side. Again, should it surprise us? It was not only a derby game but also THE opportunity to overtake Juve in the standings, at least for a couple of hours.

Yet they once again let it slip and were even down to 0-2, leaving our dear Church in tears and ruins. Yet we all know derbies are something special, it’s a lottery, a spin of the wheel, a hit or miss. The fact that Rudi started three Roman born players in the starting 11 proved he has balls, cojones.

But revenge would be sweet. The very own symbol of Rome, Il Bimbo d’Oro, Francesco, scored twice in the space of 20min and single-handedly put Roma next to Lazio. Followed by a lot of selfie madness. Bad in the first half, but surprisingly good from minute 45 until 90. So it would be easy to suggest a draw is the most fair thing. Lazio deserved a win until 16PM, Roma deserved at least a point in the end.

Though it could have been more for the Giallorossi. It could have really been a magical evening with the 3 points in the bag and bragging rights of the city. Juventus are the winners of the weekend, throwing Napoli out of the title race permanently at the San Paolo while expanding their lead at the top to 3 points. Which is still peanuts if you know there are stil 20 games left to play, including Roma-Juventus.

Romanisti around the world sure experienced a thrilling start to 2015. There was the Udinese debacle and a highly dubious goal from Astori (which was not that dubious when looking at the replays). Now this derby comeback spiced up our Sunday afternoon (or morning for the hardcore American fans). Roma rarely survives a backlog of two goals, let alone in a derby so we all should be glad and grateful for this hard-fought point.

Plus, we got some more Totti love and one of the most beautiful selfies that will ever grace the internet (shut up Miley Cyrus, Obama, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber). Kudos to Francesco for doing a succesful duckface and kudos to Rudi as well for the double sub Strootman-Ljajic which gave Roma a lifeline. Destro’s late sub kinda felt unneccesary and just a bit too kiss and make up for my taste. I hope we’ll soon know where Mattia’s future lies.

Don’t worry about the two lost points: who cares if Juve are +3, there is enough time to fix that. For now, let’s enjoy denying Lazio a first derby win since May 2013 and increasing our Champions League ambitions thanks to Napoli’s loss. And of course Totti’s 238th and 239th goal in Serie A. The man simply doesn’t know when to quit. The pros certainly outweight the cons in this case.

With an interesting trip to Zamparini’s madhouse (aka Sicily) in store for next weekend, Roma’s crazy start to 2015 looks set to write another chapter. No Totti? No selfie!