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Roma Close to Landing Mario Gomez on Loan?

We take a quick look at the days rumors, highlighted by Roma's potential transfer of Mario Gomez, their actual transfer of Ezequiel Ponce and first contact in the Matteo Darmian sweepstakes.

Good god, look how handsome this man is
Good god, look how handsome this man is
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

We're about half way through the winter transfer window, and Roma's market activity to date has been non-existent. While her rivals have added some exciting names and some old names, Roma has yet to dip their toes into the transfer waters, leaving many to question what exactly is going on in Trigoria? Has the money run out? Are they standing pat? Did Walter Sabatini go out for cigarettes and simply never come back?

Well, Wednesday's rumor mill was red hot on the Roma front, so let's take a quick look at the day's news for some insight into those questions.

Official: Roma Sign Ponce

We'll start with some actual news, Roma's official acquisition of Newell's Old Boys striker Ezequiel Ponce. Though he won't make the trip across the Atlantic until December 2015,  the 17-year-old striker is held in incredibly high esteem, so we can add his name to Roma's impressive list of U-23s. What that means in terms of actual results, we may never know, but Roma is certainly stacking the odds in their favor by snapping up so many impressive prospects.

Roma Ask Torino for Darmian

This is bound to be the transfer rumor to track over the next several weeks, simply because the fit is so perfect. Darmian is too good for Torino, they need an influx of cash and Roma desperately needs a fullback. Roma will assuredly have to fend off several of her colleagues to secure Darmian's services, but this move makes too much since not too happen. Unless they're going to roll the dice on someone like Davide Santon, break the bank on Ricardo Rodriguez, or hope they can convince Dani Alves to end his career in Italy, Darmian remains Roma's best option.

Roma to Land Gomez?

Last week it was absurdly suggested that Roma would swap Mattia Destro for Fiorentina's Mario Gomez, the man who lit the Bundesliga on fire but has yet to even light a match in Serie A. While Roma may not necessarily be his next home, in the wake of Vincenzo Montella's criticisms of his maligned striker, it appears as though his days in Firenze are numbered, with both Swansea and Roma hot on his trail.

Still just 29-years-old, if Gomez can manage to stay fit, he'd be an ideal addition to this team. Taller, more talented and greater than or equal to Marco Borriello in aesthetic appeal, Gomez would be an ideal reserve forward for Roma as he provides something this current squad lacks; a target man.

Despite his career being on the down swing, we still have to wonder how this would impact the future of Mattia Destro. With Roma's forward line pretty much set in stone, who would Garcia turn to for some second half help up front? Destro, the young man who needs to get a feel for a match before making an impact, or Gomez, the veteran who can change a match simply due to his stature?

Make no mistake, Gomez may be a short term, Luca Toni-esque solution for Roma, but it will still have a drastic bearing on one of the club's most prized and controversial assetts.