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Roma Sell Tin Jedvaj to Bayer Leverkusen for €7.5m

While some held out hope for a Tin Jevaj-Roma reunion, it wasn't meant to be, as Walter Sabatini agreed to a €7.5m transfer for the young defender who has taken to life in Leverkusen like a duck in water.

Michael Kienzler/Getty Images

While today was somewhat lighter on the rumor front, the day after hump day did bring with it some actual transfer news, Roma finally relinquishing the rights to Tin Jedvaj. After several months of conjecture, Roma and Bayer Leverkusen have agreed to a permanent sale of the young Croatian defender to the German club for a reported €7.5m, a touch short of the ten million figure bandied about over the past several months.

You probably know the story by now, Walter Sabatini snapped up the relatively unknown Jedvaj from Dinamo Zagreb in July of 2013 when he was just 18-years-old. Although Jedvaj was relatively well regarded in his homeland, he was by and large an unknown commodity on the global transfer market, so our expectations were quite low.

And for much of last season, the story began to look awfully familiar; yet another promising prodigy wasting away on the bench, long on talent, short on opportunity. Despite the scarcity of minutes, Jedvaj's size and athleticism were enough to make any talent evaluator drool, and the few spot appearances he did make in a Roma were shirt were enough to pique anyone's interest, so much so that many of us groaned when he was sent on a two-year loan to Bavaria's less famous footballing outfit.

While we shouldn't really say he's blossomed since making that move, Leverkusen at the very least looks like the perfect incubator for Jedvaj, for no other reason than he actually plays. So sprinkle that playing time with some early success and some much deserved acclaim, and it's no wonder he didn't want to leave.

Given the manner in which he's fit into the Leverkusen set up, some critics might fault Sabatini for not holding firm to his €10m + valuation, but not every transfer goes your way. With Jedvaj adamant in his desire to remain in Germany, Roma's hands were somewhat tied.

For my own two cents, I only view this as a failure if we consider Jedvaj a fullback, and while he's made more than a few appearances on the flank for Leverkusen, it's still far too soon to tell if he'll develop enough offensive acumen to be consistently effective in that role. So in that sense, if he's "just" an athletic centerback who can occasionally pushout wide, he'd find minutes hard to come by behind Kostas Manolas and Alessio Romagnoli, both of whom are still wet behind the ears.

So, Tin, while we wish we could've gotten more for you, we'll wish you luck and continue to pray that Romagnoli is the real deal.