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Previewing Roma Players on International Duty This Weekend

With no Serie A action this weekend, we scour the globe to take a quick look at the 12 Roma players on duty this weekend.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

I hate international breaks, you hate international breaks, and I bet if you asked her, your gramma probably hates them, too. We all hate international breaks, at least during non-Euro and non-World Cup years. But, and we've said this before many times, one of the luxuries of rooting for a larger team like Roma is that, despite the lack of actual league action, you can still catch a glimpse of Roma's boys in action.

So, with that in mind, let's take a quick rundown of the Giallrossi players on international duty this weekend.

November 13th

Luxembourg vs Greece (14:30 EST/20:30 CET)

Kostas Manolas and Vasilis Torosidis pair up to take on the tiny European nation. I can't imagine theres much historical animosity between these two nations, but that won't stop Manolas from breaking someone's jaw.

Bosnia-Herzegovina v. Republic of Ireland (14:45 PM EST/20:45 CET)

We'll move on to the biggest match on this list. After qualifying for their first ever World Cup as an independent nation, Edin Dzeko, Miralem Pjanic and the rest of the BIH Dragons probably expected a free pass into next summer's European Championships. Thanks in part to a few hiccups during their qualification campaign, Dzeko and Pjanic face a must win playoff versus the Republic of Ireland. Considering their scorching hot form, don't be surprised if the Roma duo leads the Dragons to victory tomorrow

Belgium v Italy (14:45 PM EST/20:45 CET)

The other marquee matchup, as far as Roma players are concerned, is Radja Nainggolan vs Alessandro Florenzi. Although this is just a friendly, look for each player to further solidify their spot in their respective nation's lineups. We'll have a more detailed look at this one tomorrow, so be sure to check that out!

Slovakia vs Switzerland (14:45 PM EST/20:45 CET)

I know what you're thinking. Who does Roma have in this match? What if I told you Norbert Gyomber's Slovakia side are tuning up for next summer's European Championships, their first trip ever, by entertaining Europe's favorite pacifists, is that something you'd be interested in?

Poland vs Iceland (14:45 PM EST/20:45 CET)

Wojciech Szczesny's popularity among Roma fans is waning by the day, but, if you're so inclined, you can watch him take on Iceland—I think Bjork plays sweeper for them.

France vs Germany (15:00 PM EST/21:00 CET)

The second Roma civil war of the weekend features Lucas Digne and Les Bleus taking on Antonio Rüdiger and the rest of the reigning world champions. No word on how much either man will play, but, given their importance to Roma's defense, let's just hope they emerge unscathed.

Ivory Coast v Liberia (16:00 Local time)

Gervinho and the rest of Les Elephants take on Liberia in an actual World Cup qualifier. Given his incredible form at the moment, not to mention Wilfred Bony's absence, the onus is squarely on The Predator's shoulders for this one.

All told Roma has 12 players in action this weekend, though Salih Uçan's U21 side played this afternoon, defeating Cyprus 3-1. Be sure to check in tomorrow for our detailed look at Belgium vs Italy.