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Roma Embarrassed in Champions League (Again), Falls to Barcelona 6-1

Once again, Roma put on a putrid performance on the game's biggest stage, falling to Barcelona 6-1 in tonight's Champions League group stage match.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Facing not-really-a-must-win but more like a-draw-would-sure-be-nice, Roma concluded their Champions League Embarrassment trilogy this evening, falling to Barcelona 6-1 at the Camp Nou. This evening's Roma no-show was a fitting final act to their dual 7-1 defeats at the hands of Manchester United several years ago and last year's drubbing from Bayern Munich.

However, as has always been the case in this trilogy of terror, it's not the loss in and of itself that stings, but the severity, the embarrassment and the sheer lack of competency that makes you cringe.

In this instance, the deluge started early and didn't relent much at all, as Roma's Spanish counterparts tallied three goals in each half. Luis Suarez got the party started early, as the Uruguayan finished off a pretty lovely sequence of play from Neymar and Dani Alves, catching the Roma defense napping or simply assuming an offsides was coming their way.

Lionel Messi put away the eventual match winner only three minutes later, capping off a quintessential Barca buildup in the 18th minute. Watch the highlights below and you'll see the Roma defense, passive as the day is long, just chillin as Messi and friends pulled off a seven touch sequence without so much as being sneezed on by anyone in white shirt.

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There's really no need to relive all the carnage, Roma got waxed, good and hard. However, thanks to BATE Borisov and Bayer Leverkusen playing to a 1-1 draw, Roma is still in pretty good shape in Group E, sitting even with Bayer on five points.

Needless to say, match day six is a giant one, as Roma's Champions League lives will be on the line when they play host to BATE Borisov on December 9th. The unfortunate part of that scenario, and one we'll watch with bated breath, is that Bayer plays host to a Barcelona side with absolutely nothing to play for, beyond pride and pinning that night's dinner tab on whoever lets Chicharito score on them.

But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, for, I don't know. Go have a drink or something, we all knew it would end like this anyway.