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Roma vs Genoa Match Preview...Sort Of

This could be it. This could be Rudi Garcia's final match in charge of Roma. With several names already lined up to replace him, Garcia remains optimistic, if not delusional, ahead of Sunday's tilt with Genoa.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Under normal circumstances, I set up these previews as follows: brief preamble + bit about the opponent + bit about Roma + broader connection to the season aims = cogent and tidy preview. However, in light of what's going down in Roma, and what many of us hope will transpire on, oh, sometime around the 22nd that formula no longer seems adequate or appropriate.

Roma v.GenoaDecember 20 15:00 CET, 09:00 EST Stadio Olimpico Roma, Italia

Sure, we'll talk a bit about the actual match, but Roma's disease has long since been diagnosed, so let's take a look at what patient zero has to say about things.

In the face of persistent rumors about his job security, Rudi Garcia finally spoke about his future and potential dismissal/resignation from the Giallorossi job:

We haven't won since November 8, that is the only reason for these problems. It was all going well until then. The only truly negative thing is the elimination against a Serie B side, otherwise we achieved our target of qualifying for the Champions League Round of 16, which is a step forward compared to last season

Yes, Rudi. That's the only reason for these problems. It's not your utter lack of tactical ingenuity, your deplorable management skills or your Ben Carson-esque motivational style. And you achieved your target of qualifying for the Champions League Round of 16 because you simply weren't as bad as Leverkusen. Bravo.

If this man isn't the utter picture of delusion, I don't know who is, but then he kept talking, dispelling all doubts:

We have to rediscover our enthusiasm, verve and joy of football. After that we need to find our physical sharpness, which will be helped by the fixture list. We won't play every three days.

He might as well have said, "See, I made us lose so we can rest more. That's why we had nearly 20 1-1 draws since I got here, because we're tired. Duh, guys"

This guy has become a joke and must be replaced. I want all of you to be honest with yourselves right now. How many among us are actually, not necessarily rooting, but secretly hoping Roma loses or draws tomorrow? Roma eeking out a 1-0 win, or worse, blowing out lowly Genoa, is probably the worst thing that could happen at this time; it's a band aid on a bullet wound and Roma can no longer afford that.

It's quite an extensive press release, and one I recommend you read. As we've mentioned throughout this whole process, Garcia may very well experience great success elsewhere, but it's time to close the Roma chapter of his managerial career. The situation is beyond untenable at this point.

As far as the match is concerned, you know the scoop: Roma are knee-deep in a seven match winless streak and have fallen all the way to 5th place, the nadir of the Garcia regime, while Genoa, losers of three straight, are already in a relegation fight.

Given Roma's woes and Genoa's general ineptitude, this has all the makings of a 1-1 draw. The Final Garcia Special TM