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Juan Iturbe Agrees to Bournemouth Move

Juan Iturbe is still leaving Roma in January, just not to where we originally thought. By outbidding them by nearly €5 million, Bournemouth have stolen Iturbe from Watford's clutches.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

We're not even going to touch the reported sighting of Luciano Spalletti at Trigoria today. That rumor is far too titillating for our weary souls. Nope, instead of wringing our hands over lost opportunities, we'll focus on some actual, breaking news; the impending transfer of Juan Iturbe to Watford. No, wait...Bournemouth.

That flub was intentional, of course, but it speaks to the mercurial nature of the transfer business in general. One minute Iturbe was all set for a potential €19.5 million move to Watford; a move that was so close to completion that Manu had already taken, or at least started, his medical with the Hornets. Then the next he was bound for Bournemouth.

The Premiership's 14th place side has reportedly ponied up enough cash to push Watford out of the equation altogether. With an agreement in place that may rise as high as €24 million, the Cherries are set to take Iturbe on a six-month loan (€2 million) with an option to buy at season's end for a further €22 million, which is believed to be dependent on a combination of clauses, including Bournemouth qualifying for the 2016-2017 Premiership season.

Manu's days with Roma appear to be done and dusted, and if this is indeed it, Iturbe leaves the Eternal City with 60 appearances and five goals under his belt. A far cry from what many of us imagined two summers ago, but as we so often caution, Iturbe is still just 22 years old, and with a professed love for Roma, who knows, maybe we'll see him again someday.

However, in the meantime, Roma managed to recoup (roughly) their initial investment in Iturbe, who, in turn, receives a healthy raise from the English club and presumably a shot at consistent minutes.

Safe travels, Manu.