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Salih Uçan Out One Month With Foot Injury

The seldom used Salih Uçan was injured in this morning's training session and faces four weeks on the sidelines thanks to a toe injury.

Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

With Mohamed Salah and Gervinho recently returning from injury, and with Francesco Totti edging closer to full fitness, it just wouldn't be Roma unless someone else got hurt. In this instance, that someone else is Salih Uçan, Roma's 21-year-old seldom used Turkish midfielder.

If you're like me, and you have an irrational affinity for this kid, whom I refer to as The Turkish Toni Kroos, then you're probably pretty bummed. However, if you're like Rudi Garcia, you probably thought he was just some "hang out with the team for a year" contest winner, albeit one with an amazingly coiffed hairdo.

Uçan has played all of 152 minutes this season, though he played the full 90 in Garcia's masterstroke against Spezia. Given that lack of playing time, and I suppose simply because its the winter break, it makes perfect sense that Uçan was injured during a training session, today's as a matter of fact. Uçan sprained the big toe--otherwise known as the toe captain--on his left foot this morning, and faces a further four weeks on the sideline.

Uçan has oodles of potential but has unfortunately been a victim of Roma's congested midfield, so in the short run, it won't change much, but his development is as important as any of Roma's U-23s.