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Francesco Totti Set for One-Year Contract Extension?

Despite his prolonged absence this year, word is starting to spread that Francesco Totti will be offered a one-year contract extension through 2017.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

We've all marveled at Francesco Totti's longevity and sustained excellence, which has spanned two decades at this point in case you'd forgotten. And while he is no longer an out and out starter, last season proved that Totti can be remarkably and inexplicably effective in a reduced role. In light of that late-career transition to a sixty minute magician, late last year we asked the question: can Francesco Totti play, and play effectively, into his 40s?

While that ultimately remains to be seen, if today's news proves true, he'll at least get a chance. Despite being sidelined for all but three league matches this season thanks to a lingering thigh injury, reports circulated today that Totti, whose contract is set to expire this June, will be offered a one-year contract extension, which would ensure, at the very least, that Totti plays through age 40, giving him one more crack at a second Scudetto.

At this point, this remains a rumor, but suffice it to say, the manner in which the American management handles Totti's retirement and post playing days will go a long way in winning the hearts and minds of the Eternal City.  Furthermore, considering all that he's meant to the club, the city and the fans, he should be allowed to play for Roma as long as he damn-well pleases.

In the meantime, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that Totti returns to the pitch as soon as possible. He's been sorely missed.