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Roma Can't Fend Off Feyenoord in Europa League Opener, Draws 1-1

Roma drew another match. Okay, so? Let me finish...this time it was in the Europa League.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Lest you think Roma kept their magic confined to league play, they came out and did the thinkable in this afternoon's Europa League encounter with Feyenoord. Yes, loyal church goers, just as they squander chances and cough up leads in league play, Rudi Garcia's men managed to match that achievement in Europe's lesser club competition. At least in this instance, we can cling to the flimsy rationale of Garcia simply being unfamiliar with Feyenoord. But, here we are again, Roma failed to earn a victory on her own turf, a feat they've managed only once in their last nine home matches, dating back to the end of November.

However, on this occasion, Roma's woes were slightly different than their Serie A variety. Rather than dominating possession and out performing their opponents, it was the Giallorossi who came up on the short end of the stick. The Dutch side got the best of Garcia's men in possession, passing, chances created, shots, shots on target and block shots. Though, to Roma's credit, they actually managed to create some decent chances, ripping off five of their seven shots within the box; for a club prone to shooting at will, that little bit of discretion was a welcomed development.

The Goal

Gervinho: 22nd Minute

At least we can hang our hats on this lovely bit of skill from The Predator. Although, when you look at it again, it's hard to tell if Vasilis Torosidis' ball was actually intended for Gervinho, as Francesco Totti was wide opening at the far post and heading right for the endline. But that's Gervinho. Crazy, mixed up Gervinho.

The Quotes

Rudi Garcia:

We went too deep, did not press efficiently, although we still had chances to score other goals with Gervinho and Doumbia

Take it away, Michael Scott.

The goal was offside. Now we have to score in Rotterdam. The team needs to gain confidence and take more risks going forward.

It's always nice to see an increasingly beleaguered manager blame the officials for a loss. If nothing else, this draw should probably free Roma to play balls-to-the-wall in Rotterdam next week.

We won't give up, it's a shame we conceded that goal, but at this moment we are lacking results. It's pointless making comparisons with last season. We are doing everything possible to get back to winning ways at the Olimpico, but at the moment hard work isn't paying off. We need to be more explosive, take risks more with our mentality than our legs.

I don't even know where to begin on that one. If it's true that Roma must take more mental risks, then on whose shoulders does that fall if not Garcia's? With each successive draw and mealy mouthed win, the question of whether or not Rudi Garcia has lost the locker room picks up more steam. And in Rome, often times that's all it takes.

Roma jumps back into league play on the 22nd when they hit the road to take on Verona before the return leg of this fixture Thursday in Rotterdam.