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Fiorentina 2, Roma 0: Mario Gomez Double Sends Roma Packing in the Coppa Italia

Thanks to two Mario Gomez second half strikes, Roma left empty handed in their quest for the silver star, crashing out of the Coppa Italia in today's 2-0 loss to Fiorentina.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

This game got off to a choppy start, as neither side could find a rhythm in the early goings. But eventually Radja Nainggolan would provide a lovely little chip to Alessandro Florenzi to give Roma their first chance of the game. Lukasz Skorupski, though, looked like he was taking lessons from Morgan De Sanctis, providing the Viola with an excellent opportunity after a failed clearance attempt. Following that, this game opened up.

Roma would then have a chance on the counter, one that would end with an Adem Ljajic shot being deflected wide. Roma and Fiorentina both looked disconnecte, with each side struggling to maintain possession of the ball for any real length of time. Roma could do little outside of counter, as there really wasn't a link from the attack to the midfield to build up any sustained play.

Keita seemed to be glued to Kostas Manolas' hip for much of the game, while Radja seemed lost unless he was just outside the box, in which case he knew exactly what to do, while Paredes just never really left an impact on the game. Ljajic and Totti were both dropping deep, but neither could provide a solution, but at the same time, Fiorentina wasn't making the most of the space Roma was providing. The first half would end scoreless, with neither side really threatening.

The second half is something Roma probably wants to forget. Radja would get us started with a yellow card in the early goings, but the second half was much the same as the first. Rudi would eventually make a change bringing Pjanic on for Paredes around the sixtieth.

Then Mario Gomez would do his best with a mistake from Roma's back line, to make it 0-1 for the visitors. Roma was now staring up a mountain. Vincenzo Montella would then make a change of Llicic for Diamanti, while Roma would begin searching for a way through. Rudi would send out his newest option in the form of Victor Ibarbo for Totti. Ibarbo brought a little spark and a little something new to Roma's attack.

Roma's chances would continue to go begging. Maicon would make way for Verde in the eightieth; while Astori let his emotions get the better of him and was get booked for a late and reckless challenge. Roma looked a frustrated side a side without answers, a side I'm not even sure knows what the question is, much less the answer. Well, Mario Gomez had an answer, and that was to put this one to bed right before injury time with his second goal of the match.

That would be all she wrote for this year's quest. I really struggle to find positives to take away from this match. The Curva wasn't happy. Rudi's post-game press conferences no longer leave a smile, but a trail of bad words flowing from my mouth. This is a team without an identity. This team needs something, but I'm not even sure what anymore. I'd love to give my fellow romanisti a poll, but frankly I can't think of anyone. Oh I'm just kidding, I just love you guys to much.

Congratulations, Monty you finally beat us. We Wish you all the best.