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Smokescreens or panic buys, everyone's favourite ciggy weilding sporting director was at it again.

Another stressful January transfer window has come and gone, once again bringing changes to the Roma squad.

Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks & strokes. Smoking KILLS.
Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks & strokes. Smoking KILLS.

In recent years, we've come to expect significant transfer movement but not so much in the mid-season January window. Two years ago Zdenek Zeman was awarded with Vasilis Torosidis, and he was sent packing before he ever had a chance bring him into the squad. Rudi Garcia has been treated a little better, perhaps deservingly so. Last winter, Walter Sabatini brought in Rafael Toloi, Michel Bastos & Radja Nainggolan while saying goodbye to Nicolas Burdisso, Marquinho & Michael Bradley.

This January has been little different. This time it's likely down to a mixture of an injury crisis, a steady dip in form since November and a final push for the (or perhaps, a) title. Just as there have been new additions, we have once again said goodbye to another set of players.

Borriello, Jedvaj & Destro

Arrivederci. Goodbye. To some, good riddance. Marco's expensive career at Roma finally seems to have come to an end. He's had a few great moments since joining from Milan, but nothing to warrant the salary Roma signed him for. We've tried to offset his wages with numerous loan deals but now he's finally gone. Tin never really had a chance here and was settling incredibly well at Bayer Leverkusen. It was natural a deal would come through. Mattia...well, Mattia's been well discussed on Chiesa di Totti. He might return, he might not (I'm leaning towards he won't) but he'll get the playing time he wants at Milan. I guess we got rid of Urby, too. Later, Urby. Somma & Pettinari have been sent to Empoli & Pescara, respectively.


First off, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, you're here to stay! His loan move is now permanent. Roma also picked up three youngsters in Pepin, Kevin Mendez & Nemanja Radonjic  who won't likely be doing much for Roma in the short term. Three additions who might, however, are Nicolas Spolli, Seydou Doumbia & Victor Ibarbo.

Seydou Doumbia
  • Details : 14.4 million Euro purchase, potential bonuses up to 1.5 million Euros.
  • Why? : Out with the young and in with the old. He brings different characteristics that may improve the attack.
  • Smokescreen : First there was Luiz Adriano, then there was Konoplyanka. Now there's Doumbia.
  • What they're saying : Destro replacement.
  • What Roma's saying : Destro replacement. Proven prolific goalscorer.
  • What he's saying : Not much yet. Enjoying a good cup run in the AFCON.
  • Summary : He's Destro's replacement. He brings different attributes than Mattia and for Roma's sake, it will lead to better results. With some luck, maybe he'll give the club the same boost Radja did last year.
Nicolas Spolli
  • Details : 1.5 million Euro loan, option to buy for 1.5 million Euros.
  • Why? : The backline has been shaky and could use another body.
  • Smokescreen : Chiriches, Kaboul, Toloi.
  • What they're saying : Last minute 'patch' up job.
  • What Roma's saying : Not much yet, but his presser is tomorrow.
  • What he's saying : He's not 4th choice and you pronounce his name as if it had one 'L'.
  • Summary : An expensive loan for an experienced central defender and former captain of a side currently battling at the bottom of Serie B. An elephant in wolf's clothing?
Victor Ibarbo
  • Details : 2.5 million Euro loan, option to buy for 12.5 million Euros
  • Why? : Roma's attack sucks, that's why.
  • Smokescreen : I don't think there was one in this case. Maybe Salah?
  • What they're saying : Panic.
  • What Roma's saying : Potential to be a world beater.
  • What he's saying : Wants to win titles with the help of God.
  • Summary : Roma's attack is thin and BD Victor can fit anywhere in the front 3. This deal might have more to do with Radja's upcoming co-ownership resolution and our relationship with Cagliari.