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Roma Does it Again, Draws 0-0 with Chievo

Yes. That just happened. Again. Roma were held in check by an inferior opponent, displaying their usual attacking ambivalence in today's scoreless draw.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Roma traveled to (insert lovely, yet provincial Italian city) to take on (insert middling Serie A club) looking to break a streak of (insert number of consecutive or near consecutive) draws. Despite Roma's recent struggles, the (insert nickname of middling Serie A team) shouldn't have presented much of a threat to the Giallrossi. Not that it would have been an easy three points, but Roma should have had (insert adjective here, suggestions include: decent, good, slight) chance at escaping with a victory.

However, rather than treating us to the crisp, decisive football we saw last season, and even this past fall, Roma's play was (insert adjective here: suggestions include, pitiful, listless, shit), due to Rudi Garcia's poor (choose two: tactics/substitutions/training/motivation). Although, the horrible play of the (choose one of: defense/midfield/attack) didn't help matters any, which was largely due to the uninspired play of (choose scape goat of the week).

This afternoon Roma actually had (more, less, greater than or equal to) (shots/possession/chances created) than (insert middling Serie A club) but couldn't capitalize on the (insert number and/or adjective combination indicating amount of shots/possession/chances), resulting in the (1-1 or 0-0 draw**), which Roma either (coughed up or stormed back).

Due to their continued run of (insert synonym for poor) play, Roma's grip on second place has grown more tenuous with _____________ and _________ (choose two: Napoli, Lazio, Fiorentina, Sampdoria) now hot on their heels.  If these results continue, (choose two: Rudi Garcia, Walter Sabatini, James Pallotta) should be sacked. Why bother purchasing (insert U23 midfielder/attacker of your choice) if you're not going to play him? Why didn't Rudi Garcia (push forward/create more width/change formations) in the second half? He should've know that (insert middling Serie A club) would (park the bus/push forward) in the second 45, shouldn't he?

**In the event Roma scores more than one goal, please verify before publishing

Okay, enough of that....

In all seriousness, what was different about this match? Was there anything in those 90 minutes of football that buoyed your spirits? Any sign of a turn around, any inkling that Roma is emerging from this walking nightmare? Do we have any glimmer of hope of even hanging onto second place at this point?

Roma jumps back into action Thursday when they take on Fiorentina in the Europa League. I'll work up another template, maybe with macros this time.

In the meantime, if you have anything constructive or insightful to say about this match, by all means, have at it...