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Doumbia and Florenzi Fire Roma Past Genoa, 2-0

Thanks to goals from Seydou Doumbia and Alessandro Florenzi, Roma blanked Genoa 2-0, their second straight league victory, one which, combined with Lazio's draw, puts Roma back in second place.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Full disclosure, I wasn't able to see this match in its entirety. So when I turned to Sam for a summation of this morning's affairs, he responded as only an Aussie could; brilliant, succinct and biting: Basically we scored and went back to old habits. Looking at the highlights and quickly pouring over the numbers, it's hard to argue with Sam's broader point: Roma were actually on the losing end of the possession battle today and were only marginally better than Genoa at creating chances. But, and this is something we've harped upon all year, they finally capitalized on both their opponents errors and their own chances.

There was one tidbit of news Sam glanced over, however. Lazio's 1-1 draw with Atalanta on the road means Roma are now back in second place with the slimmest of margins, one point. Needless to say, the derby on the 24th is going to be massive.

First things first, now that Roma has defeated Sassuolo and Genoa in consecutive weeks, we can dust off this old gem.

If Roma can pull off a win next week in Milan, we will have an honest to goodness winning streak on our hands, a fortuitous one at that, but before we delve into next week, let's take a quick look at today's highlights.

The Goals

Seydou Doumbia: 35th Minute

It's hard to paint a man's legacy after only a handful of appearances, but it just wouldn't be a Doumbia goal if it wasn't aided by an opponent's cockup. You'll notice how Radja Nainggolan's long ball was deflected not once but twice by Genoa defenders, with the finally bounce proving the most profitable as it caught Doumbia right in stride.

Let's give credit where it's due, though. Once he intercepted the loose ball, Doumbia went straight for the goal and fast forward to the 20-second mark of that video and you'll see how he absolutely (to borrow a hockey term) dekes the hell out of two Genoa defenders, completely changing directions leaving them flailing in his wake before slotting it home shortside.

We take a lot of shots at Doumbia around here, but he has had a pretty impressive scoring record prior to coming to Roma and he is quite an athlete. So if we're stuck with him, these are the sort of things he must do for the club to reap any reward from his €15m price tag.

Alessandro Florenzi: 90+2 Minute

Pardon the Vine, I'm just too exhausted at the moment to find a decent clip, but Ale's fifth league goal of the season was the icing on the cake in this semi-triumphant Sunday. Actually, I take that back, here is a decent one that shows just how far Florenzi had to fly on this one

After dispossessing the Genoa attacker, Florenzi flew up nearly three-quarters of the pitch before pile driving the ball past Mattia Perin; there was nothing fancy or whimsical about that goal, he just let it rip; what he lacks in style, he more than makes up for in substance.

However, the smartest and most impressive part about that run of play came at the end when Florenzi fully ignored a streaking Gervinho for nearly 25-yards.

Bravo, Ale. Bravo.

So that's all she wrote. Roma was far from dominant and was, in some respects, the inferior side but they took advantage of the opportunities that came their way when it mattered most. With Lazio dropping two points on the road, Roma are once again in the catbirds seat for Italy's final automatic Champions League berth.