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Francesco Totti's 300th Career Goal Goes to Waste, Roma lose to Palermo 2-1

This meaningless match pretty well encapsulated Roma's season; Totti's brilliance was lost amid a horde of mindless possession and fruitless passing.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Thank god that was the final match of the season because I simply cannot stomach having to recap these putrid performances anymore. Yes, Roma qualified for the Champions League next season, but did anything we just witnessed give you hope they'll do anything but flame out in the group stages once again? Even with fresh legs at his disposal, Rudi Garcia was fresh out of ideas, as Roma spent much of the evening dancing on the wings, firing fruitless crosses from either flank towards their non-existent strikers. Wash, rinse, repeat.  In fact, Totti's 85th minute goal was Roma's first on-target shot of the match, that's how pathetic and off the mark they were, and yes, it was a meaningless match, but this performance spoke volumes about their current state of affairs.

If nothing else, it was a fitting end to a season bereft of results, one in which, time and time again, Francesco Totti's brilliance went wasted. We all marvel at his age defying feats, but it's reaching the point where having a soon-to-be 39-year-old man as your best player is less a badge of honor and more a point of embarrassment; not for him, of course, but for the men charged with outfitting this club, for allocating their precious on-the-pitch resources and for simply finding him some help, for the love of god.

Honestly, you have to feel bad for him; to do what he's doing at his age is nothing short of remarkable, and it's all going to waste. Give the man some real assistance up front, Totti shouldn't have to carry this club anymore. They had a real chance each of these past two seasons (to varying extents) and all his heroics ultimately went for naught because he shouldered the burden of moving Garcia's lame duck offense forward on his own.

There is no point in recapping the actual match, because it was meaningless and the performance on the pitch and the look on the player's faces said as much, but there was this lovely bit of skill.

Francesco Totti: 85th Minute

Taking a beautifully threaded ball from Radja Nainggolan, Totti knew exactly what he had to do to score his 300th goal (all comps) for Roma. No hesitation, no trickery, just get your toe on it and chip it over the on-rushing keeper.

But that's just what Totti does; regardless of time and circumstance, his excellence persists. Quite frankly, this Roma probably doesn't deserve him.

We'll leave that as our lasting image of this extremely frustrating season. Roma finish the year with 19 wins, 13 draws and six losses, sporting a +23 goal differential.