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AS Roma U-17s Win Scudetto

It's not exactly the one we were hoping for, but Roma's U17s brought some hardware to the Eternal City, toppling Empoli to win the Scudetto

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

With yet another second place finish in Serie A, their 13th overall--eight of which have come in the 21st century alone--and another early exit in the Coppa Italia, Roma's title drought now stands at seven years. Yes, it's been seven years, or precisely 2,582 days, since the Giallrossi defeated Inter Milan to capture the 2008 Coppa Italia, their ninth overall. But hey, at least we can still be the first to win ten Coppa...ah, shit. Nevermind

So, just like parents across the globe, let us live vicariously through our children, using the innocence of youth as an empty vessel through which we satiate our thirst for glory. We're talking, of course, about Federico Copatelli's U-17 side that defeated Empoli 2-1 today, taking home the Scudetto to cap off a perfect season, 24 wins, 2 draws and 0 losses.

Given how much we've talked about Roma's youth this week, this was quite a timely development. Speaking of development, Copatelli spoke about the challenges and goals associated with most extreme end of Roma's youth academy:

I sensed a a bit of fear in the boys yesterday and I think we saw that out there today but thankfully we came good. It takes a battling spirit to win a game like that. There are key moments in every match and that's when you have to stick together as a team. We did that today. Two years ago, with this same group of boys, we lost because of a single incident but we managed to pull it off today

That shows you what a great job the club is doing. Results are often seen as the ultimate aim, but with what we do it's all about helping these boys to grow

Wise words, indeed. While these kids may never play a meaningful minute for Roma, their development and their success are all part of the masterplan; a club moving in unison, from the lowest rungs to the top of the ladder.

While we wait for Roma's latest five year plan to pan out, let's hope some of the kids success rubs off on the senior team. And, hey, who knows, maybe one of these kids will kiss his nonna in the stands of the Stadio Della Roma.