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Edin Dzeko's Agent Denies Roma Move

Edin Dzeko's agent denied rumors that his client will move to Roma, or anywhere for that matter. Do we believe him or is yet another protracted negotiation playing out in front of the media?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

As it seemingly does every summer, Roma's transfer plans revolve around their eternal search for a permanent solution at striker. Thanks to Mattia Destro's torrid 2014, we were spared this melodrama last season, but due to his dismal loan spell with AC Milan, Destro appears reduced to deciding between Bologna and Torino; a depressing turn of events for the player and another hiccup in the grand plan for Roma.

We'll have more on exactly what type of striker this Roma needs shortly, but for now let's focus on the man to whom they've been connected to most this summer, Manchester City forward Edin Dzeko. We've covered this rumor from nearly every angle; Dzeko's desire to not only, you know, actually play again, but his assumed wish to play with his countryman, Miralem Pjanic, which then, naturally, spun off into Pjanic's reported recruitment of Dzeko.

As far as transfer rumors are concerned, these are pretty plausible scenarios. Dzeko is at the point in his career where his best days are probably gone, yet he can still probably bang home 15 goals over the course of 2,000 minutes, while the familiarity provided by Pjanic should ease his transition to life in Italy.

Yeah, not so fast...

According to Dzeko's agent, Irfan Redzepagic, these are all mere media fabrications:

Every day he's linked with another club. First Atletico Madrid, then Roma and now Chelsea. I'm bored of repeating that these stories are not true. He hasn't rejected any offers because there hasn't been any offers. The chances of him leaving are zero.

Not that you ever want to believe a word uttered by an agent either way, to me, this strikes as pure, unadulterated agent-speak. He's appeasing his client's current club by denying he'll leave, yet he's leaving the door open for more lucrative and productive offers for his client by passively suggesting that the reason he's not leaving is simply because he hasn't received any offers...yet.

While the anticipated additions of Andrea Bertolacci and Iago Falque are important moves, there can be no doubt that Roma's transfer strategy, and perhaps their chances of success next season, hinge upon who they land to lead the line next season. With Walter Sabatini reportedly keeping a toe in the Carlos Bacca and Ciro Immobile waters, it seems like the Dzeko saga is delaying any real progress on the transfer front.

So, what do we think, is Dzeko worth the chase?