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Pjanic Reaffirms Commitment to Roma and Desire to Reunite with Edin Dzeko

In a recent interview, Miralem Pjanic reaffirmed his commitment to the club while also dreaming of reuniting with Edin Dzeko.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Yesterday we laid out our blue print for Roma's summer shopping season, much of which, both financially and footbally, revolved around Miralem Pjanic (in fairness to Zach, I, in my editorial might, added the poll), so it's only fitting we offer up a quick hit of Pjanic news, a term I use loosely I might add. Pjanic continued the Roma love fest this week, following in Radja Nainggolan's footsteps, professing his love for the club and the city in the wake of continued controversy over his future.

During a recent appearance on Roma TV's Slideshow program, basically a video yearbook for Pjanic's career at Roma, Mira had this to say about his time in the City of Seven Hills:

I was really happy with my choice and I still am today. I hope to keep pulling on this jersey for many years to come. I'm really happy here. I live in a fantastic city and I play for a fantastic club with fans who live for the game. It's everything a player could want.

Pjanic then moved on to more pressing matters, his not-so-secret recruitment of Bosnian national teammate, Edin Dzeko:

I do speak to Dzeko often and we talk about our respective clubs. It has been a difficult year for him. He's good for any team that he plays for, has won a great deal and I'd love to have him near me again

I won't go as far as the headline writer at Football Italia and claim that there is, hidden anywhere in that quote, a declaration from Pjanic that his is actively and openly persuading Dzeko to come to Roma, but the circumstantial evidence is enough to make you go hmmm.

We talked about this potential transfer two months ago, which was predicated on the obvious; Dzeko no longer has a place in Manchester City's illustrious lineup and, at age 29, he's got enough left in the tank to prove that he's still a 15-20 goal per year scorer. So, while his motivation to escape Manchester is evident, we're left to wonder if this story is rooted in an actual fraternal bond between the Bosnians, or if the transfer mongers of the world are simply picking at the lowest hanging fruit.

This much is clear, Roma are in the market for an out-and-out striker, and Dzeko certainly fits that bill. It's only the first week of June, get used to these stories, but Dzeko is (finances aside) one of the better fits on the market.