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Roma Reveals 2015-2016 Away Kit

We take a break from the transfers to focus on new clothes!

AS Roma

Nothing gets the blood boiling quite like a good transfer rumor. Connecting player X to Club Y for Z amount years at €___ per year really brings out the armchair millionaire in everyone; as if its our money being bandied about, and as if "trained" professionals know less about how to put a team together than we do. But there is one thing, one additional point of contention, that gets fans around the world up in arms, new clothes!

If transfer rumors inspire our inner director of sport, new kits makes us all feel like Tim Gun; just make it work. Roma's latest spin on the Nike carousel was dropped a few weeks ago to relatively positive reviews; they weren't quite as flawless as last seasons, but the number font and faint impression of the city on the back of the kits was a unique twist, so the claims of ‘ that looks like a training ground shirt' were muted...somewhat.

Well, here are the away kits, and they're quite lovely

Shrewd PR move by the club to have the three Romans, Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi and Alessandro Florenzi, as well as the latest adopted-Roman, Radja Nainggolan, act as living mannequins.

If you look closely at the shirt, you can see a watermark (that is reportedly on the numbers as well) that represents the city itself, much like the bird's eye view imprint on the home kits. Either way, these things are absolutely stunning.

Now just imagine plopping down $150 for one that says ‘Ibrahimovic' on the back. You know you want to.