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Are Roma Too Focused on Finding a New Striker?

With so much focus on finding a new forward, possibly at the expense of other areas, we ask the question, is a new striker really all Roma needs to win the Scudetto?

Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Whether you're new to CDT or not, a quick glance at our Summer Transfers section reveals the theme of Roma's summer, Dzeko or bust. However, along with the incessant Edin Dzeko to Roma rumors, we've discussed a variety of aging but still effective hitmen, ranging from Robin van Persie to the inimitable Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with the odd smattering of Luca Toni, Carlos Bacca and even Stephan El Shaarawy thrown in for good measure.

Although our season ratings series hasn't touched on the forwards yet (its coming shortly), I'll let you in on a little secret; Roma's forwards, Totti aside, weren't terribly great this season. The handful of men charged with leading Roma's line were ineffective, inaccurate and unproductive, scoring 10 fewer goals than they did the prior season, a figure which looks even worse when you consider that Mattia Destro scored approximately 18% of those before he was jettisoned in January.

Point being, whether it's due to those statistics or simply Sabatini pining for something new, the powers that be have decreed that an upgrade at forward is Roma's number one priority this summer, and in a discussion with Sam that took place literally a couple of minutes ago, an interesting question arose, leading to the second installment in our CDT Think Tank series.

Is this club, as currently constituted and accounting for the return of Kevin Strootman and Leandro Castan, really just an Ibra or a Dzeko away from contending for the Scudetto?

In other words, is all that really separates Roma the pretender from Roma the contender a stiker? Or might there be other, more pressing areas of need that are being neglected due to this fixation with Dzeko? For that matter, if Roma addressed other areas of the pitch and fully committed to either Destro or (gasp) Seydou Doumbia, would they be better or worse off than had they landed an Ibra or a Dzeko with no additional upgrades?

Given the myopic nature of Roma's transfer campaign thus far,  it's a crucial question to ask. Transfer dominoes are falling left and right, and if Roma fails to even land Dzeko, then what will they be left with?

So, what do you think? Is an Ibra or a Dzeko alone enough to deliver the club's fourth Scudetto, or would this be a case of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face?